Sunday, April 23, 2006

ok round 2 of adventure in Istanbul;

well we had been traveling since 10:30 am so by the time we got to our hotel in Istanbul it was after 2am and I had given every one there room keys and was the last one to go up with my roomy whom I shall name Algeria, so me and Algeria take the lift to the 3rd floor dump our belongings in there and then I remembered that I needed to get something from some one else's room, so I nipped out for a second and got chatting with my commander in chief when Algeria makes an appearance saying she doesn want to be left alone which was fine... Except that when we both go back to our room it was locked (obviously), so this is how the conversation went with Algeria:

me: Algeria please tell me that you have the room key with you (I'm franticly searching her hands with my eyes)

Algeria: umm no sondes, don't you have it?

me: ummm no cause I left you in the room and so obviously left the key as well, aaaaaaaaaah man what we gonaa do

by the all this was happening at about 3am, so I'm standing there staring at Algeria whilst she's staring back at me, I then turn around to her and say:

me: ok luv your gonna have to go downstairs and get them to open the door for us, ok?

Algeria: no sonde splease I cant go down by me-self you gotta come down with me,

me: HELL no- (can I just point out that Algeria was fully dressed whilst me, I had changed into my pink night gown and I was bear foot and my scarf did not match what I was wearing whatso ever and it wasn't pinned so it was wrapped around me in a weird way, I basically looked like a falaha which means a farmers wife that is an Arab farmers wife) Algeria I'm so not going down dressed like this.. no way

Algeria: oh please I'm scared

me: fine we will just sleep out side

Algeria no way:

me: thn go down and tell the dude downstairs

algeria: ok but you have to come down with me

me: fine

so were going down the stairs and I'm trying to be discreet and blend in with the wall paper and I kept hearing that damn mission impossible tune in my head, so we get to the level just before the reception, so I turn around to Algeria and tell her:

me: ok Algeria I will wait here, its gonna be cool cause I can see you from here and they cant see me so I don't need to make a fool of myself yeh?

Algeria: no sondes please please - (she's having a panic attack)

me: for the love of god.. fine lets get this over and done with, you so owe me after this..

I kept telling myself hey things could be a lot worse, I mean I could be in my under wear for one but why that would ever be the case god knows but I was trying to make the situation a lot better, so I meekly come down the stairs and theirs about 2 of them one at reception and the other just standing there, so I push Algeria forward and I'm conscious of the fact that there looking at my feet and I'm cursing under my breath and Algeria finally goes up to the desk and starts laughing and says:

Algeria: ha ha aha ha he ehe ehe hee hee we kinda he he he locked ourselves out ha ha ha

me: my god some one shoot me

the reception guy: hgdcndoijdn... he did not speak a word of English and we don't speak Turkish and at that point I had butted into the conversation and started to sign language our predicament..

the guys starts smiling and nodding his head so were like yeh he understands so we start going up the stairs and wait for him. a couple of minutes later he comes and he sees us standing there and were all smiling at each other and no one is making a move then I start making key movements and he's still standing there and it hits me the guys is holding no key in his hands he didn't understand aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so I start fidgeting with the door Handel and trying to explain to him and he finally gets it, frowns does sighing noises and I'm like yeh that's it where getting some where, so he goes down again and emerges minutes later with a bunch of keys and finally opens our door and take our original key, removes of the key ring and place sth ekey in my hand and mutters something in Turkish so I start pointing at Algeria and saying walahi it wasn't me it was her it was her not meeeeeeee, so he nods and leaves.

I turn around to algeriaand say you owe big time....