Monday, April 03, 2006

ok i start in the name of Allah the most gracious most merciful

to be honest i never thought that i would become one of those 'bloggers' but hey wonders never ceaze to amaze, i was inspired by two wonderful people, and no im not being payed to say that about them, but yeh 2 wonderful people who have shown me the light (music in the background) of blogging, i guess there are advantages, its like a diary that every 1 can read, i never kept a diary when i was young, although saying that once i took an old school note book, scribbled out maths from the front and wrote 'my diary' underneath it, i kept it up for two days, it was mainly how i hated my primary school and the pricks that called themselves 'pupils' and there was one particular guy who did my head in and when he found out i was from a country in N Africa, he thought it would be funny to prance around the class room doing a zula type of dance and at thesame time a red indian wa wa wa wa kind of noise, i was not impressed so my two pages worth of diary entries where primarly about him.

that was a different era a long long time ago, inshallah like everything, i pray that this blog that i have started is for the sake of Allah swt, sum may snigger and snort but islam is comprehensive and that means that any action should be for the sake of Allah including blogging.

well that my 2 pence worth, i guess anything that not dull will be entered on to this blog.


fudgebumpkin said...


You have joined my world??

Welcome, my child. We have long awaited thee.

white african said...

loool, yes i know, its been a long time, so who is fudge bumpkin? cool name, how did you come across it?

fudgebumpkin said...

it's tamanna!

I made it up...just seemed like something that no one else would make up!


lool..........prancin around doing zulu type dance with red indian wa wa wa noises.......hey thats funny.
Sorta reminds of experiences i had in school, not primary though.....high school. Its amazing how habits lyk that guy's mentioned above die hard.

By the way i neva kept a diary either........

NM said...

You guys don't keep diaries!!

in that case..aham... i don't keep one stashed under my bed either :)

yay mundus!! marhaba ( the arabic class are paying off) oh and of course mabruuk.

before long we will have a whole little community going inshallah!

2wonderful ppl eh mundus..:)

I know you have abundant stories, past and present so get blogging sweety!