Monday, April 24, 2006

Isn't it funny how un-expected things just happen and they always happen out of the blue, I swear that's the fun thing about most of the un-expected stuff, at the time its shock or horror but later its something that you can ponder over and have a good laugh like when we crossed over to the Asian side in Istanbul....

a little geography lesson, Istanbul has two sides the European side and the Asian side and they are separated by the bospherous and you can cross over by boat/ferry/dinghy/dolphin or you can cross by the big ginormous bridge which we decided to cross by, and it was nice, the day turned out to be lovely mashallah, the sun was shining every one was smiling, it was a lazy sunday day, we had just been to the park and had some shawerma sandwiches then some apple tea whilst listening to the shaikh and his lovely reminders, then we headed of to another well known park, and the first thing that struck us was the flowers they were every where in all colours so us Britain's just ran on to the grass and started to pose, out come the cameras and before the first flash security guy comes running over telling us to get of the grass and wouldn't let us take one picture, well... some of us managed to sneak a couple.

any way we prayed duhar and asr in the palace which was not open to the public but our driver bless him spoke to the cleaning lady who opened it especially for us and we prayed inside the palace how cool. so we get onto the coach and start descending down to the river side where there is this famous open cafe thing where ewe could drink a traditional hot drink called sehlab which I was going on about for the whole journey and so every one wante dto taste this drink to see whether it was worth me going on about, so were all sitting down on these massive stairs drinking hot sehlab and admiring the view of the bospherous and the other side of the river, and this Turkish man decides he wants to fish right were we where sitting, he takes out his fishing rod and plonks it into the water.

I'm sat down contemplating, thinking about life in general when I start to hear screaming and people pointing to the floor, so I look at what there pointing it and its a live fish bouncing on the floor right next to my feet wow how cool is that, I swear I didn't even think about what I was doing I bend down and pick it up and it slips out of my fingers, so I pick up again and cause its alive its shaking and moving and it wouldn't stay still so it kept escaping my fingers but I just kept on trying to hold it until finally I get a good grip and I'm smiling like anything and the Turkish guy comes over with his bucket and tells me to put his fish that he caught back into it which I did, all that time a certain AM was screaming at the top of her voice 'PUT IT BACK, PUT IT BACK, PUT IT BACK' over and over again llllllllooooool, I swear it was the funniest thing.

can I just ay that I had always wanted to hold a fish right out of water while it wasa alive, wow what an accomplishment, also when I put it back in the water I had fish scales all over my hand cooooooool.

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NM said...

freak... i wonder how you would have reacted if it was a particular insect?! LOL now that would have been hilarious