Friday, January 04, 2008

ever been in a stituation where you thought you heard something but it turns out you miss heard what the person said?

you see i seem to make a habit of miss-hearing people but i blame it on peoples pronounciation, although my friends will say otherwise but dont listen to them :)

the other day i was chatting to my mums friend, she is one funky dudette, she is one of those mothers friends who you can have a laugh with, see mothers tend to have different types of friends, some are of the type who speak down to you, extremley patronising and will not be convinced that your capable of doing anything on your own, i.e treat you like your still 3.

other types are the kind that speak to you or give you some sort of attention when they need something from you, other than that they wont blink an eye lid at you. then you have the second mother, and then some are the funky variaty, the whole been there done that and permenantly wore the t-shirt, the type you could seriously enjoy yourself with.

so i was having a general chit chat with her, talking about the wedding we went to, her taking the mick about me falling, then we started talking about what we wore, she was asking where i had bought my dress, she then asked my opinion of what she wore, to which i replied 'mashallah, tala3ti zay il ghazalah' - you looked lovely mashallah.

she smilled and then i thought she said 'mitakda matla3tish zay il feelah' - you sure i didnt look like an elephant'

to which i replied '7ashak feelah, musta7eel' no way elephant, never.

her facial expression alerted me to the fact that i had said something she wasnt expecting and before i could ask she said: 'feelah? feelah? anee magiltash feelah'

oh my god some body ask the earth to swallow me whole please, what do you say...
all i could say was 'sam7eenee khwelah, shin giltee?' -pardon me aunty, what did you say?'

to which she replied 'giltlick libsee makanish ikhee' - i said my dress wasnt horrible?

??????????? where in the world did i hear elephant???????

she then said ' mala can fe balak feelah lama shiftinee' - well then you must have thought elephant when you saw me.
to which i kept muttering on about how that wasnt true and she looked amazing, and how just the other day i mentionedto my mum how she had looked really nice.

but i dont think she was convinced :(
saying that though she did laugh and poke fun at me to my utter embarrasment. why do these things always happen looooool


a_akak said...

lololololololololololololol waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak i couldnt stop laughing,

I dont envy you at all lol but i have had simular situations but NOT that bad,,,,,, an elephant?

Keep up the good posts :)
Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Sense of humor with a wit.

why do these things always happen looooool

You are lucky, at least you do not have a dull life :-)


Brave Heart said...

hahahaha WA, i think u getting old and old :-P, u need to use hearing aid ;)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Excuse me---LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Oh you poor thing---HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

Weldemdina said...

loool you soo funny WA, did you visit a near by zoo, circus or is it BBC elephant watch ? bless you .

PH said...

Well, I've never been through this exact scenario; but whats happened to me is I thought somebody said something relating to a secret I have and then I let the secret out, because I thought he knew, only to discover I misheard and he didn't know anything about my secret..... sometimes I they figure it out of course after my slip up :P.


white african said...

akak i swear it wa sso embarassing, im still not over it :(

music lover i ask that same question each time something happens lol, dull ife not really whith my clumsiness i doubt it.

brave i think your right, age is catching up on me lol, so where do you buy your hearing aid from? i will visit them lol

ibee wasalam, i swear if its possible to feel sorry for yourself, then i have to say i always feel sorry for myslef lol

weld the funny thing is that one of my ultimate fav animals is the elphant, but i wasnt going to tell he rthat, that would be digging a hole for myslef.

ph oh no, times like that you just think why didnt beofre i opened my mouth lol. yeh well it seems that faday7 is constantly following me.

Brave Heart said...

Hahahaha WA, let us pray u wont reach my situation otherwise u will post 2, 3 times a day

LoveLyH said...

LOOoOOL was soo funny
Thank you Weldemdina ,coues of him i am hear laughing

dont` U even try to Think about changing ur nick Name to White African Elephant LOooOoooOooooOooOL

lostkitty said...

lol - is that my mishearing the brother in the cinema when he said "abdulqader where r u?" and i heard him saying "where the f**k are you??" instead!I was really shocked until, in between laughing at me, friends explained what he actually said!

Anglo-Libyan said...

hehehehehehehe :oD

white african said...

brave lol, i may just start posting 2-3 times a day and i dont even need to reach old age :)

lovelu whiteafrican elephant lol, sounds nice.

lost and you say i have a prob with hearing, dudette you jsut proved yourself wrong ha ha ha

anglo trust me at the time i wasnt laughing lol