Friday, December 28, 2007

recently i was asked to be the photographer at a friends wedding, she wanted me to take photos of her henna as well as the zafah (wedding).

i don't have the best of luck when it comes to my cameras, for some bizarre reason things keep happening to my cameras. my first camera was a Nikon, absolutely fantastic camera, my dad borrowed it when he went on holiday to Greece, it ended up in the wrong hands, i.e stolen from my dads back pack.

so of i went and bought another camera, a Fuji fine pix, my Bangladesh shots where made by that camera, in October my mum was heading of to Dubai and requested to borrow my camera, so i handed it over, 10 days later my mum is back safe and sound,as for my camera, well lets just say that it some how landed at the bottom of a fountain in one of Dubai's hotels ????????

my poor mother was traumatised so she bought me a camera as a replacement, a Sony, now I'm particular about my cameras, it takes me a while to buy one as i review it, check out the pros and cons, test it out etc... before finally buying it, i couldn't this time as my mum had made the choice for me, i smiled, took the camera and plugged it into the charger.

between October and now, the camera has been functioning okish, its not what i would have chosen but its functional, so of i headed to the henna, and began to take pictures of the future bride, just before they started the ritual that is henna, my camera went on strike and decided it wanted to commit suicide, thus preventing me from taking any more photos, and unbelievably not a single person in the room had a camera on them!!!! my camera is stuck to me like glue, you never know when it could come in handy.

so unfortunately i wasn't able to take any photos of the henna.

the wedding was 2 days later, i borrowed 2 cameras from friends and went to the wedding hall, the bride entered and i began to take snap shots of her, she was walking slowly to the sound of specific bridal entrance music, people where sat from both sides and she was walking amongst them on a white carpet, i was ahead taking snap shots from all angles, walking backwards, walking walking walking not realising there was a a huge vase with flowers directly behind me as part of the decoration.

no one warned me, what ended up happening was i fell backwards due to stumbling over the vase, the vase topples over, smashes to a thousands pieces, the flowers scatter everywhere, white african is on the floor, camera still in hand, the brides mother is looking horrified, every one is watching, pointing, whispering, my mother is hiding under the table, the bride isn't even aware that anythings happened lol.

i had 2 options either get up, run away and never be seen again in the Manchester community OR get up, smile and continue to take pic, i chose option 2, but i did have the courtesy to apologise to the mother of the bride who responded 'khadit sawha'.

so yeh again i fell, i swear the floor seems to have some sort of attraction for me as I'm constantly falling, although i have to say in my defense i was wearing a long abayah and had heels on.


Anonymous said...

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I buy only buy Canon cameras, Nikon SLR cameras are great but not compact. I never leave home with out a camera.

Did you take any photos of the ceiling while you were falling :-) At least you are not injured. What's with you lately, high heels ,falling in a wedding, what's next :-)


Enjoy the music, unfortunately I can not attach tracks of his cds on a blog

Rob Costlow - Woods of Chaos
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Anglo-Libyan said...

did anyone have a video camera? did they film your fall?
I am sorry but im laughing, this keeps happening to you :o)

option 2 was the correct choice, Allah bless you

enlightened spirit said...

hahahahahaha, too funny, ( my mother hiding under the table) , poor ur mom ... lovely moments, hard to live it, but funny to remeber.

Anonymous said...

These Boots Are made For Walking


This song reminded me about your heel shoes :-)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African, I bow before you in humbleness and honor because truly I would have first blurted out a cuss word or two, gathered myself and walked out without looking back. You are a real trooper in my book.

lostkitty said...


white african said...

music thanks for the review sites, they will most def come in handy :)

music i seem to fall every where i swear its becoming my trade mark, in my case the boots not made for walking lol

anglo thankfully the video cam where filming the bride and not me but belive me it was one of those moments where it will be in peoples memories for years to come, 'remmeber that wedding?' which one?, you know the wedding where sondes fell' oh yeh how can i forget, looooool.

enlightend thankfully i awalys see the funny side, my mum was telling me the other day in a jokey manner how i keep managing to embaress her all the time, i cant help it i told her, its in my genes lol

ibee wasalam, and thanks, option 2 really was the only choice for me, as i cant hide away forever lol

kitty typical init :)

Highlander said...

we have something in common - falling :P

kudos for getting up and continuing the filming and also for telling us the story he he he

a_akak said...


I am also very particular about my cameras and once we were going out and everyone was depending on my camera, but the camera had other idea's

Dont worry i know people who had worse falls ;)


Happy NEW year and may 2008 bring you more happiness and success

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

highlander its great to know im not the only one in the blogging world who seems attracted to the floor :)

happy new year 2 you2 akak, may it be full of happiness and less falling for me :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha omg sondes, you made my day!

walla that was soo funny

its mariam belattar btw!