Monday, January 21, 2008

ever been in a situation (my god just typing those words a realisation hit me, i start many of my blog entries with 'ever been in a situation) where you find yourself laughing at yourself just for the sheer fact at how stupid you where?

the other day i arrived at work early in the morning, took out my keys, its so routine that i don't have to think about it any more, or so i thought..

i literally stood there for 10 minutes trying to open the main door with my keys, the stupid key wouldn't even go in, i kept looking at the key, examining it, then trying to place it into the key hole, but for some weird reason it wouldn't fit, at this point i was getting frustrated and to top it all of i was wet.

i then came to the realisation that some one must have changed the locks, no other explanation.. so i stood there cursing every one i could think of who might have been involved in changing the locks.

i started to rummage around in my bag, looking for my mobile so i can call the manager, when i felt something at the bottom of my bag, low and behold it was a bunch of keys...

my god it was my work keys, i looked down at my hand and it struck me what the problem was, i was holding my house key, i was trying to open work with my house key!!!!!!!!!!

it doesn't even resemble my work key, and not only that my work keys come in a bunch attached to a key ring, my house key is a singular key, how in the world did i confuse between them??????

walahi guys i stood there laughing at myself for what seemed forever.

seriously why!!!


UT said...

i cant laugh at you dear cause this to me is an everyday event (the norm )lol and not to discourage you ,but believe me it doesnt get any better as you grow older or should I say wiser ????lol...

Monday's Child said...

girl... I once stood outside my door convinced that burglers had not only got in but had moved in and changed the locks... THIS was obviously the most logical explanation to the fact that my house key didn't fit in the lock... NOT that I had gotten off on the wrong floor and was in fact standing outside someone else's flat...

lostkitty said...

a blond day!!! I just had one yesterday - wen the blondness takes over the stupidest things are done... I can so relate!

a_akak said...

I agree with "lostkitty" as this is a blonde moment, no offence if u r

Fe aman allah

white african said...

ut lol well if its a sign that im getting wiser then cool :)

monday lol not reached your level yet, although i have a friend who sometimes picks me up in her car, each time she comes i ask her if its a new car.

each time she replies 'sondes, its been the same car for years, whats wrong with you?'

i swear sometimes i just dont notcie things :)

yep kitty extremley so, its never stops in my case :0)

akak lol, well what can i say, i guess it makes life interesting lol

MusicLover said...

I would not surprised that you future child will be forgotten in a store like the character in The Game Plan

You will be singing in the car " My Girl"

An Oscar performance by Daniel Day Lewis



I don't even remeber what I had for can't really pass judgement lol

white african said...

lol music, actually 'my girl' is one of my fav songs.

native i so know what you mean.

good seeing you on sunday even if it was for a few min

Anonymous said...

hi white african,
hope everything is great with you!

i only came to say that I found amazing pictures of Ghadamis

have a great day!

Crowded Mind said...

I laughed alot about this post
Allah bless you

Fe amanAllah

Crowded Mind said...

I laughed alot about this post
Allah bless you

Fe amanAllah

Crowded Mind said...

I laughed alot about this post
Allah bless you

Fe amanAllah