Friday, January 18, 2008

sometimes it seems that life hands out a case of 'everything going wrong' and just when you think life hates you, it turns itself around and gives you a tremendous hug ;)

the other day i was sat at work eating a bowl of cornflakes (bran flakes actually), it was 9 am, and i was cherishing the moment of silence cause i new that ahead of me would be a day of constant 'blah blah blah blah blah'.

anyway so I'm sat eating breakfast and contemplating on writting to gordon brown and kindly asking him to scrap Mondays from the weekdays, when a patient walks in and interrupts my line of thought.

'what you eating there sinder?' (i love how my name has so many different versions).

me: 'breakfast'

patient: 'oh, what is it?'

me: i had the urge to say camel hair for some reason, 'its bran flakes'

patient: 'oh, do you like bran flakes?'

me: 'yep i certainly do, it fills me up and gets me ready for work'

patient: 'ok'

and that was that...

next day i leave work, I'm walking towards oxford road, and i can clearly hear some one beeping continuously while I'm walking, but being an Arab girl, I've been brought up not to turn around when hearing the beep of a car, so the car continued to beep and i continued to walk until the car literally parked in front of me, it was the same patient.

patient: 'hey sinder, i was beeping you'

me: 'oh was you, sorry i didn't realise'

patient: ' where you of to?'

me: 'the beach... only kidding I'm going to the hospital to visit a friend'
patient: 'oh, you going to come back to work?'

me: 'nope, Ive finished for the day, praise the lorrrrd'

patient: 'oh'

me: i wanted to walk away, 'why is there something you need?'

patient: 'ummmm no i was going to pop in later but i will leave it for Thursday when your next in'

me: 'ok then, well you have a good day now'

and that was that...

next day i come into work, and the patient had brought me a little gift...

3 boxes of bran flakes looooooooool

how adorable is that?

basically she used to work for Kellogg's (the makers of cereal) and she still has contacts and gets given offers, so when she had seen me eat it for breakfast she decided to get me some more.

bless her, i swear people, she made my day :))))))))


ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Great story. Love those random acts of kindness. Can never hear enough of those stories. Thanks for sharing.

lostkitty said...

next time say Crunchy Nut cornflakes - I want some! lol

Thats a nice story and would only happen to u!

a_akak said...

Nice one, and I wish one of our clients would do the same,

Fe Aman Allah

UT said...

hi there !
long time no see...
a lovely story. thanks for sharing.
been through a lot and still...
but I have to blog to keep my sanity lol

have a great day !
guessed who ?

white african said...

wassalam ibee, the best thing about the random acts of kindness is that it always happens when you least expect it.

kitty i cnt ask her to bring me cereal! but you can come and share in the bran flakes, hey we an have a bran flakes party lol

akak eat breakfast infront of your clinets lol

ut it certainly has been time, how are you? hope all is well inshallah.