Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i have been craving roasted chestnuts for like the past year!!!

i simply adore them mmmm.
and yesterday a good friend of mine came back from Turkey and handed me a bag full of chestnuts that are ready to be roasted yipeeeee.
when i went to turkey in 2005 the weather was still chilly so the chestnut men where everywhere, i didn't need to hunt them down, this was the first chest nut man i saw and i literally ran to him bought so much of him and then requested to take his photo, for some reason the man thought i had issues, why would he think that!!!

at the moment i am rubbing my hands in glee, gastil gastil gastil, i could sing a song about chestnuts.
you know what else is amazing for winter season, batata 7elwa (sweet potato) put it in the even, let in cook, simply gorgeous.

and then to add to that the most amazing drink sa7lab, yeh man...


a_akak said...

I wonder where he got the idea of your craziness :P and do you mean GASDEEL ?

I think you are looking forward to the chestnuts that you have lost the sence of writing (read what you wrote again)

Fe Aman Allah

Monday's Child said...

Hey WA, long time no comment :-) I just caught up with all your posts... I have never had a chestnut roast or otherwise.. I don't think... unless I did without knowing it :-)

MusicLover said...

you know what else is amazing for winter season

I was expecting a romantic ending, not batata 7elwa & sa7lab

Read this blog about winter :-)

You post reminds me of films which have a twisted end :-)

When you are eating your Batata you can listen to this song which you will love.

Living Away said...

i do love the smell of the chestnuts being roasted down streets on the winter time. i miss it a lot!!

btw, you say "batata" for potato?? it's absolutely the same way we spell it in portuguese!

LoveLyH said...

هذا القصطل؟
تعرفي اني نحبه عالأخر...والفترة هادي كاثر ي البلاد بس لاحظت أن هلبة ناس مايعرفوشي ومايعرفوش كيف ياكلوه
Gasteel Ya Ahmed loool
i really love it and enjoying with eat it.and last times ago,i told mom why libyan dont` buy it or eat it..seems as there re few libyan knew about it.

Have fun ,b happy

Anonymous said...

hi, it is cofman, again!! lol
what have u just said???
"this was the first chest nut man i saw and i literally ran to him ... for some reason the man thought i had issues, why would he think that!!!"
dead easy!!!!!! loool

PH said...

Bedoowia :P.

white african said...

i wonder to akak lol :)

gasdeel? ive alwyas thought it was gastil, thats what my mum calls it, she's shargaweeyah so maybe thats what they call it in the sharg, does any one?

whatever its called, its simply delicious.

hey monday, it is indeed a long time, missed u :), monday your deprived until you have had a chestnut, go girl, look for one :)

music lover looooooool, hey batata 7elwa and sa7lab can be romantic in there own way, thanks for both the links :)

living dont get me started on the smell, amazing..... needs to be captured in a bottle.

batata in portugeus eh? well thats my language lesson for the day, cool, thanks for that info :)

lovely i noticed the same thing about not many libyans knowing about chestnut, maaaaaaaaan there missing out, your so lucky that your surrounded by them, please get some, roast them and eat them on my behalf.

wow cofman, long time bro :)well what can i say, me and chestnuts go waaaaaaay back.

lol ph, totally ;)

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a representative of the Gastil family, I personally hope they *are* called "gastil chestnuts." We are few in number and could always use something new to hang our hat on.

-John Gastil (Seattle, WA) []

white african said...

well john, how cool is that, thank you for commenting :)

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