Thursday, September 20, 2007

its been a week since Ramadan began, subhannallah time flies.
it feels alot longer, probably because the day is jam packed with things to do so one day can sometimes feel like 2 days.

i prefer being busy though, keeps your mind of the food :)

radio Ramadan has been fun, the kids are great and so enthusiastic, mashallah im getting 7 and 8 year old calling me and telling me there fasting.

I'm asking alot of riddles on the show and in the beginning i used to say simple and easy ones but the kids are clever and would answer within a minute of me asking so I'm picking more difficult riddles and mashallah there still managing to answer them, i have layed down 2 rules, they cant ask an adult and they are not allowed to google the riddle to get the answer lol.

on Tuesday i had a kid call in, conversation went something along the line of :
me: ooooooh yipeee we have a caller, lets find out who it is, sallamu allykum caller your through to radio Ramadan Manchester

caller: sallam allykum

me: wallykum assalam, how are you

caller: fine

me: great stuff, whats your name and how old are you?

caller: I'm aisha (I've given her a fake name) and im 10 years old

me: mashallah and that's a beautiful name, so aisha you fasting today?

caller: yessssss and i have a headache

me: aaaaaw well your not the only one i get them as well, lets suffer together ok

caller: ok (laughs) i want to share a joke

me: brilliant, I've been waiting for some one to call and make me laugh

caller: ok, well i thought this joke was funny, but its a bit dodgy

me: ...... (aaaaaaaaaaaah please don't say any thing baaaaaaad) ok you sure its ok to say it aisha

caller: ha ha ha yeh yeh its good

me: ok i trust you in that case go ahead

caller: ok, why did the tissue roll down the hill?

me: (sounds ok, ya rab please keep it clean) no idea aisha, so why did the tissue roll down the hill?

caller: to get to the bottom, get it

me: looooooooooooooool

i swear i couldn't stop laughing, and i tried to control myself but it was useless i had to go to a break so as to get it out of my system.

i still laugh every time i say it.


lostkitty said...

that is so ur kind of joke!!!! lol
What time u finishing work?

white african said...


Lebeeya said...

LOL! I was trying to imagine the worse thing she could say about tissue paper... hehe, no so bad!

Glad you are enjoying the radio ramadan... keep up the good work!!

Monday's Child said...

the joke made me laugh loads too... I can't tell it to anybody though cos it doesn't exactly translate into spanish hahahaha...

Keep up the fantastic job you're doing WA...

Living Away said...

wow, i loved this joke!! so sharp!! i'm having cramps now! i need to tell it to my 11 years old nephew...i hope the translation will be as good as the original!

congrats on your job! it seems you are having fun!!


Anglo-Libyan said...

hehehehehehehe i cant stop laughing now :o)
the best jokes are always the worst!

shame we dont get the radio station in London, keep up the good work.

white african said...

leebeya thank god it wasnt any worse lol, i dont know what i would have done if she really had said something 'dodgy'.

monday thanks :) its really funny when you try to translate a joke and no one gets it, the silence that follows the joke is hilarious.

living the kids love that joke, anything with toilet humour lol,

its is fun, because the kids are fun bless.

anglo thanks, i think london have there own version of radio ramadan, dont know if it can be heard all over london though.

a_akak said...

i think u were happy that it was not the other type of jokes lol

so do u broadcast online? as u never came back to us on that point

keep up the good work and i dont agree with the shortness of ramadan as i feel like its been forever (but i only say that when i am hungry which i am now :)

fe aman allah

white african said...

akak i was so happy but th ejoke was alos funny :)

actually it does broadcast online but i tried accessing it and it didnt work for me :(

the web site is

Weldemdina said...

loool that was really funny , I tuned to ramadan radio but all I get is urdu / bengali talk, is there certin time for english speakers or am I listening to the wrong station?

white african said...

weld there are certain time sthat urdu/bengali talks are on, morning shows are in english and so are the evening, im on weekdays from 3-5 except thursdays cause im working.