Friday, September 07, 2007

i got a call last night asking me to volunteer my services to Radio Ramadan in Manchester, this will be my 3rd year of Radio Ramadan and i absolutely love it because of the atmosphere.

this year its going to be slightly different, instead of the usual debate show i have been given the kids hour!!! 3-5 pm weekdays, interesting.

i will be responsible for a kids show, i find that extremely funny, i think i may have more fun than the kids :0)

its going to be an experience that's for sure, I'm actually looking forward to it, i hope i don't fall into the trap of speaking in that annoying voice that adults generally speak when talking to children, you know the one, the high pitched, nasal voice, and then adding cooing noises. i remember as a child that used to really get on my nerves when adults did that to me, and i had big fat cheeks so my cheeks used to always get squeezed and pinched by adults, saying things like 'your soooooo cute' 'look at those cheeks' and if they where Libyan then the word 'nageeeeeeeeeeeha' would always be mentioned, aaaaaaaaaaaah.

so yep i hope i don't sound patronising.


Brave Heart said...

well done WA, i believe u will do the best, when u will repalce Khadija Ben Qanna in Aljazeera channel.

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

Fantastic! I know you will do a great job. And I am sure you won't do anything that would annoy the kids. You were smart enough to see those habits in others I am sure your subconscious won't allow you to do anything like that. Have a great time!

lostkitty said...

haha! I especially hated the cheek pulling... evil thing.

Altho now that I'm working in a Prep school, I'm surrounded by cute kids all the time. And u do just wanna hug them and squish them! lol

PH said...

I think you'll do just fine all you have to do is make them laugh and you're good at that :)))))))))).

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

Mabrook! What a great honor to be asked to do such a thing. Mabrook to you for your 3rd year of participation.

I agree you are very wise to take into consideration the things that bugged you as a kid as they will be the things that will bug some of the kids as well.

I use to hate when people would tell my mom how good my brother and I were and she'd respond with, "Yes, they are good kids....when they are asleep". Use to make me feel like we were just plain bad kids otherwise. So, indeed take heed in the things you say, inshallah.

Lebeeya said...

LOL @ najeeeeeha

You're going to do great, the kids will love you.

Whats the frequency for the radio channel. Could we hear it online? :D

white african said...

brave thanks ;) as for replacing khadeja, not soon thats for sure lol

chatalaine thank you :)i really do hope that the kids have as much fun as me lol

lost kitty do not squish the kids, do not squish the kids, tell this to yourself every morning when you look into the mirrior lol

ph thanks youuuuuuuu :) although whether the understand my sense of humour is another question.

ibee wassalam and thanks :)

so you where only good when you where asleep eh? lol, the things our parents say bless.

thanks for your advice, and i will remember it when i speak to my first caller on the radio inshallah.

leebeyaaaaaaaaa welcome back from libya hun, hope you had a blast. the frequency is 87.7 i think you can get it online, i will find out and let you know inshallah.

a_akak said...

YO GO GIRL!!!!!!

it would be very goodthat you will help the kids and especially in ramadan and i am 100% you will do a great job :) and LOL about the "najeeeeeha" LOL

Will be broadcasting online?

PS: the only down side is that there are new tree's in the studio for you :P

Fe aman Allah

white african said...

akak thanks :)

im going to find out if its broadcasted online, it was last year so maybe this year to.

no trees in the radio station :( lol could you imagine if i brought my own lol