Thursday, October 19, 2006

prayers, contemplation and fire works

its amazing how fast Ramadan is leaving us, its like when a wonderful guest comes to stay with you and just as you get used to the guest and love having the guest with you, the guest has to leave.

on wednesday night it was the 27th night, and most people are of the opinion that laylatul qadr is most probably on this night so the mosques are generally packed out with worshippers, I decided to go to good old Muslim Youth Foundation with some friends and hamdullilah the numbers where just right, not many people, enough to create a lovely atmosphere.

it was such a lovely night walahi, starting from tarawih, then reminders and tahajud, snacks, dua suhur together and the fajir and mathurat after fajir, the feeling that takes over you is one of serenity and calm and you feel exhilarated and enthusiastic for the coming months and a belief that you can become a better person inshallah and that this year you will stick to the resolutions you make.

if only we had layalatul qadr every night, I guess we have to constantly remind ourselves.

around 3:30 am whilst we where praying, my dads phone kept ringing and continued to do so until he finished and was able to answer the phone, it was funny really cause he was leading the prayers and the sound of the message (his ring tone) going off in the background, very surreal..

anyway the caller was my brother, he was calling from hospital because my middle brother was coming home from the mosque after maghreb prayers, walking through the alleyway when some idiot threw a firework at him which exploded on his hand, burning him quite badly. He comes home with a red hand announcing to every one what had happened to him, opens the tap and sticks his hand under the cold water.

every so often my mum would ask him how his hand was, and he would reply 'ok, not bad, I think its going to be ok inshallah'.

so my mum and dad left and came to the mosque thinking that it was a slight burn and that keeping it cool would be fine. Turns out it's a chemical burn so it started to get really painful and blisters appearing and what not, poor thing couldn't stand the apin any longer so my brother to him to the hospital a&e, he wrapped a cloth soaked in cold water around his hand and that's how my mum and dad found him at hospital waiting to be seen.

eventually some one saw him and wrapped his hand in bandages and told him that he has a bad chemical burn and will need plastic surgery but no surgeons are available and he will have to come in after 3 days, poor thing.

my brother is left handed and it was his left hand that was burnt, so college is going to be an issue now.

how annoying is that, apparently its all the rage for stupid kids to get hold of fireworks, light them up and release them on random people, my brother being one of them, they love targeting old people especially, sick individuals, they really need to be sorted out, my brother didn't see who did it, but he will find out eventually because these idiots have a way of bragging about their acts.

what gets me is the idiot who sells these underage kids these fireworks, or the person who will buy it for them, there just as bad, they are putting peoples lives at risk by selling it to the dysfunctional members of our society who really should be sectioned under the mental health act.

and its ages till bon fire night nights, so why start selling them now? Its all about money, pathetic really.

what a way to end the night, hamdullilah it wasn't his eye or his life god forbid...


lostkitty said...

OMG! Is he ok?! Thats really bad. I cannot believe that people do these things, nevermind the adults who sell kids these fireworlks who should defi nately know better, and be put in jail if caught. But also the kids themselves. How irresponsible to throw fireworks at people, esp as you said, they target vulnerable ppl like the elderly. Thats sick. Really sick. Firstly where are these peoples parents?? They should have some idea of what their kids is doing - and if they dont, well they should do their best to learn!
I dont care how "troubled" these kids supposedly are, unless they r all mentally unstable, none of them have an excuse. They have to know that fireworks are dangerous, esp in the capacity they are using them in! How can they be so callous?
They need a good beating - preferably with some fireworks of their own!

Yo Whitey! Give my salam to your family and i hope the dude gets better. I'm sure this wont keep him down.


Kids these days....seems like they have no conscience at all.

Your brother is in my prayers WA. May Allah grant him good health...ameen. I pray that Allah reduces his pain and heals his hand soon....ameen.I also pray that something kheyr comes out of this incident....ameen.

The program at MYF sounded heavenly. My only regret is that I missed it but things came up and I had to perform my prayers at home. I pray that Allah makes it possibe for us to witness nxt Ramadhan.....and makes it possible for us to spend this blessed night together.....ameen.

May Allah accept our efforts during this blessed month and may he keeep guiding us on the straight path....ameen

Once again may Allah grant your bro good health....ameen.

white african said...

ameen native, thanks for your kind words sis and you kitty.

will send sallam to family isnhallah, my bro is fine alhamdullilah, probably an excuse for him not to do any work.

The Godfather said...

I pray Hamza recovers well. He phoned me on Wednesday night too; I'm guessin it was before the incident occurred.

It's not the first time he's had a run in with fireworks.....ask him about camp firework.

Anonymous said...

AlHamdulellah it wasnt worse, I hope he recovers soon InshAllah.
near my house a shop opens this time every year and only sells fireworks which are illegal and im sure they sell to under age as well yet no one seems to be doing anything about this shop, so strange this is the UK!

white african said...

thanks god father, ameen to your dua, i will most certailnly ask him about the camp, has this by any chance got anything to do with the famouse pranks that you and your mafia lot get up to?

thank you anglo, its true so many of these fake shops open up at this time of year selling firworks, there best customers are the younger kids, th eamount of injuries also increase in this period.

The Godfather said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm.....evidently it seems that my good reputation precedes me!?!?!? I think I'll leave you to play Nancy Drew, rather than me let the cat out of the bag.

white african said...

god father, not fair, anyway, i know about these ccis camps and katibah pranks, no nancey drew like researching needed, although it would be cool to hear it from the horses mouth ahem ahem, i propose you blog about your adventures.

The Godfather said...


Never will I blog about these adventures!!!!

Rule number 1 from The Godfather.....Never tell anyone outside The Family what you're thinking.

Highlander said...

Eid Mabrouk to you and your family ya White African :)

white african said...

thank you highlander, and a big eid mubarak to you and the family as well, hope its been a lovley day

Trabilsia said...

Irresponsability has no boundaries and is serious business, but many people believe that dangerous tasks are fun,and the more dangerous the better,the more fun .

A sad situation indeed.

Here's wishing you a Happy Eid !

white african said...

ameen trabilisia to your dua, and its true what you said and they hate to be told or reminded about how dangerous something is.

hope you had a nice eid full of happiness and joy.