Thursday, October 05, 2006

in the jungle

hana sis, i dedicate this to u, yo have sung it to me so many times that i interupts my dreams as well lol, enjoy girly...


Roba said...

Hey there,

On behalf of the toot team, it is my pleasure to tell you that your blog has been chosen to be featured in the next phase toot.

toot celebrates the emergence of Arab citizens media in the form of blogging, and we feature, on a daily basis, some of the best writings from 50 of the best blogs from around the Arab world.

If you have any questions, please do email me back, otherwise, welcome to the toot community!

On behalf of the toot team,
Roba Al-Assi

white african said...

gosh, thanks

AngloLibyan said...

it seems me, you and khadijaTeri have been chosen to be on toot, im pleased. Highlander has been there for a while.

white african said...

yep i noticed mashallah when i looked into the site pretty cool..

Hana Agil said...


Asundoes a-sundu-wes a-sundu-wes!! Oh my god that was theee funniest thing i've ever seen! You're so damn ace! Thats HILARIOUS!

i love the dog dance, i'm soo doing that dance to you the next time i see ya!

white african said...

glad you liked it hana, you better start practicing the dance cause im gonna be comparing