Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A big Eid Mubarak to every one

I pray from the bottom of my heart that you all enjoyed your eid and that Allah swt gives you the opportunity to witness many more wonderful Ramadans and Eids (Ameen).

I'm missing Ramadan already, I absolutely loved Ramadan this year, it really was special, it always is subhannallah but this year it was something else, I managed to spend many iftars with my family for one, something that I haven't done in a long time so that was great, I managed to cook as well and learnt a couple of new dishes which was sheer bliss for my mother bless her and I spent many a wonderful time with my sisters in Islam which was great and I cherish every moment.

Eid came so soon, its so difficult to believe that already the first day has ended and that 30 days of Ramadan just flew by, I pray that we will continue what we learnt from Ramadan and that we have come out of Ramadan much better individuals amen.

woke up bright and early today to the sound of my younger brother rushing down the stairs shouting 'its eid, its eid', I swear I miss that feeling that children have for eid, I remember I used to not sleep a wink in anticipation for eid day, and I would take my eid clothes out from the cupboard at least 10 times to look at it, ah the memories, then you grow up and things don't seem as exciting as they used to be, and eid clothes are no longer a bother, but I still love the feeling of unity and togetherness and that at least for the next couple of days people will try to be civil to one another.

by half past eight we where out of the house on our way to the Muslim Youth Foundation to pray eid prayer, I walked into the sisters section and wow it was packed, it was difficult finding a place to sit but eventually I did and the prayer started, afterwards whilst listening to the khutbah I looked around me and found one of the reasons why I love Britain so much, for the sheer fact that all around me where so many different colours, faces, cultures, races etc.. it was beautiful seriously, and most people had there traditional gear on, so I was sat next to a lovely Nigerian sister on my right and on my left was a Malaysian sister, next to her was an Arab sister and next to her was a revert, and the list can go on and on, its so cool, literally the colors of Islam.

we headed home, on the way back my dad did the takbirat al eid, and looking out the window I saw so many people leaving the mosques, all dressed smartly, smiling, saying salam to one another, hugging each other.

at home we had breakfast, now usually us libyans would have to have 3aseeda, a traditional dish made from flour, difficult to describe, this is what is looks like, I love it, its tradition to have it on the morning of eid, we didn't instead we had eggs, cheese etc, I miss 3aseeda sniff sniff...

at around 12 we got a call from the hospital informing us that my brother ha an appointment at 1:30 that day at the burn clinic. so of we went, my youngest brother grumbling on about 'what kind of eid is this, blah blah blah' poor thing was bored out of his mind, but it wasn't to bad alhamdullilah because when the consultant looked at the burn, she announced that he will not need an plastic surgery but instead content dressing, creaming, and a dose of physiotherapy as well.

my mum started to cry form happiness bless her and then hugged the consultant lol.

came home after that and attended a Libyan event, it was nice because we managed to say all our eid mubraks in one room to every one, usual sweets where handed out and all the teenage girls parading there eid clothes cute, and the ladies with there you've lost weight, you've gained weight business, rolls eyes, always the same lines lol.

we kissed our way out of there, I swear to say bye takes at least half an hour, a clever man will realize this so when he says 'haya let's go home' he knows he should allow for at least 30 - 45 minutes of preparation.

came home, my parents where feeling tired so they rested there eyes whilst me and my younger brother had a game of mortal combat on his play station and can I just point out to every one that I beat him 4 times, woooohoooo, he had his excuses but they where weak excuses, he wouldn't admit that I was the champion of the house.

my parents had had there 40 winks and it was time to get ready for visiting a lovely family that we always go to on eid day to have dinner with, and it's where I continuously embarrass myself with my clumsiness.

I had been in my boots all day that I completely forgot that my right sock had a hole where the big toe is, so my toe was peeking out and at first I was kinda good at disguising this by hiding it underneath my long skirt, but towards the middle of the evening I forgot and my toe made an appearance, my mum would look at me then mouth 'your toe' to which I would hurriedly hide it, lol.

then to make matters worse for me, when it was time to get the food, I got up to help bring in the food and stuff, at first I was doing well, bringing in the different plate and what not, but then it was time for me to bring in the harisa (chilli paste) which was in a nice metal like dish, we where eating off the floor so our host had spread the sheet on the floor and I bent down to put the harisa on the floor when accidently I dropped it, it would have been ok if it had just spoilt the sheet but NO, that's not how things work for me, instead it splattered all over the sheet, walls, seating and the people, my god I was so embarrassed and all I could do was cover my mouth, laugh hysterically and say 'oh my god, oh my god, I'm so sorry, so sorry, I always do this'

my mum just sat there and then burst into laughter, saying 'white African how could you, oh no, she always does this' and then proceeded to tell stories of the many times my clumsiness had embarrassed me and her, this was to be added to the list.

what a perfect end lol....


The Godfather said...


Khair Mubarak!

MashAllah, that's good news about Hamza.

I didn't take you as the clumsy type....you're just a clown aren't ya?

maiuna said...

lol..that's funny!
Kul sana wa enti taiba, happy Eid to you and your family.

lostkitty said...

SM - I missed EID at the MYF - but hey I found a lovely little mosque near me here.
I'm so glad to hear Hamza'a hand will be ok, Insha'allah. And glad too cos now your mum will worry less.

You know - that plate thing is so you!
I wish you just walked around with camera -that way we could record the weird and wonderful things that happen around u; the clumsiness, the weridos and tramps that come talk to you... and then we could publish it and make millions as well as making millions of people laugh!

white african said...

wasslaam godfather, you did eid today init? eid mubrak hope it was a good one inshallah. your right i might as well wear a clown outfit lol.

wa entee taiba maiuna, thanks, hope you had a lovley eid.

kitty we missed you today at the myf, and thanks for asking bout hamza.

belive me if i walked around with a camera then all the weirdness would just stop, and then i wouldnt have anything to blog about.



Ameen to your dua

MashaAllah....it's great to hear your bro won't be needing plastic surgery anymore. Alhamdulillah....Allah answered our prayers.

Always a pleasure to read your posts. They make me laugh because of how funny and wierd they are. Its nice to find someone who is clumsy as I am...it is refreshing. lool

Eid Mubarak once again.
Kulu 'amuun wa antum bil kheyr

The Godfather said...

Yeah, did Eid today; or yesterday rather given what time it is!?!?!?

Alhamdulillah, it was cool....the 5 Families decided to congregate at The Corleone HQ this time round.

Lebeeya said...

Eid Mubarak!

Hope your brother is ok now and being clumsy is normal for libyans. I was honored the award of clumsiness!

Kul sana wenti tayba inshallah!

white african said...

thank you native for your sweet message, i guess we all live in a clumsy world eh?

godfather belive it or not i havent actually watche dany of the god father films, i know i know shocking, so when you use godfather terminology it just goes over my head, what in the world is 'The Corleone HQ'? and did it involve shooting mafia style?

lebeeya thanks for asking bout my bro and its brilliant to know that i am not alone in th eworld of clumsiness, maybe we should form a society and call it the clumsiness socitey - origional or what!

Anonymous said...

so glad your brother is ok.
we had 3aseeda on Eid morning and it was great, yesterday the libyans had their party in London, nice.
you are lucky that harissa did not get in any body's eyes, now that would not be funny at all. nice post thank you.

The Godfather said...

Have you lost your marbles White African?!?!?!?!

How is it that someone of your ilk has not seen any of the Godfathers?

Corleone HQ means Corleone Head Quarters.......as in, my house.

The 5 Families are the 5 Mafia Families controlling New York City...they are the Corleone, Barzini, Cuneo, Stracci and Tattaglia Families.

It's funny, because there are 5 Families stemming from my Grandmother (my Mum's Mum)....hence, the 5 Families congregating at the Corleone HQ.

How's that? Better understanding? You know you really need to hook up with Bush and watch them. It'll aid you in your affairs.

white african said...

thanks anglo, lucky you for having 3aseeda, its been ages since i have had any, i may just blog all about the need for 3aseeda. read your blog about the libyan party, boys will be boys, especially young libyan boys.

godfather apart from the resemblance in family size any other connections to the godfather? do u by any chance have any italian blood? lol

The Godfather said...


y r u rainin on my parade for?

Come to think of it, it's only too often they say that I look like Al Pacino.....or rather HE looks like me.

No Italian blood though.

NM said...

LOL! WA...thats hilarious and your many "incidents" have taught you to laugh at yourself which is a gift :)

Barsawad said...

Eid Mubarak! May I ask, if you don't mind: why did you call your blog 'White African'?

white african said...

nm th eonly thing i can do is laugh otherwise i would have to hibernate for the rest of my life lol.

barsawad eid mubarak to you to and welcome. the reason i called my slef white african is because its a nick name given to me by my Somali friends, it kinda stuck and so i dedicated a blog to it, also because i am from Africa as well.

Anonymous said...

I saw an advert on TV last night about a program to be shown on Channel 4 I think next Wednesday, Dispatches, its about Muslim women fighting for their right to pray at mosques, its called women Jihad, I know that this is what you are doing in Manchester as well.

white african said...

wow anglo, will inshallah watch that, may learn a few things, thank you for the information.

Dee Nooh said...

^and i thaught that program was gonna be about u manchunian girls fight for women to be allowed in the mosque.. we shall see come monday

white african said...

dee noh sorry to dissapoint but i dont think its going to be about us manchunian girls, we havent reached the stage of media yet, where still at the polite letter stage.

wil llet you know if we ever do reach that stage, hopefully we wont need to :)

Newbie! said...

good to hear about your bro's hand!
glad you have had a good eid, and a funny one.

c'mon, we all know that a good day has to include at least one embarrassing moment or else it wont be complete!

white african said...

hey newbie, so true, my day would not be complete without me making a fool of myself, oh well, its gotta happen.

hope you enjoyed your eid, and welcome to the blogging world.

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