Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Its official I have no blood in me.

for the last couple of days I have been feeling dizzy, tired and nauseas, classic symptoms that my anemia is playing up, I was prescribed iron tablets like months ago but never really took them cause they make me feel sick, so the doctor decided to put me on liquid iron which I took one table spoon of and instantly spat out, even though it was supposed to be caramel flavour, it tasted more like blood yuk!

I swear it's not nice, so I haven't been taking my medication, what I have been trying to do is eat red meats and raisins and what not, so its been ok up until Ramadan that is, its all coming back to me ( I feel I should break into celine dion).

so yesterday I thought I would have a blood test to see the iron levels, and I knew this was going to be an issue, it always is whenever I need a blood test, see what it is, no matter how deep the needle goes in and it doesn't matter where it goes in, the blood just refuses to come out, it protests and complains and will not budge not even an inch, so the result is you get one very bruised white African.

just forget about even trying to get blood out of my arms, aint gonna happen people, even when I was in hospital for like a week they tried and couldn't, so then you move down to my wrists, trying to get blood from there is not easy and not pain free, but it doesn't always work ask ever the idealist she has been there, done that and bought the tea shirt but she managed to take blood out of me so girl you are good mashallah.

I got two bruises yesterday on my hands where the needles went in and the result was no blood sniff sniff.

today I thought lets try again, so I put my hand under the hot water tap for 5 minutes trying to encourage the veins to pop out, apparently this is a trick nurses use for patients who have no veins ahem ahem, so 5 minutes later, I'm sat in the nurses room and have filled 2 bottles worth of my non existing blood TAKBIR!!!!

wow it gushed out like there was no tomorrow, finally.

so yeh this has been my excitement for the past 2 days,


Anonymous said...

Freaky freaky fungus
I always knew there was something weird abt you

white african said...

ha ha ha i know you flower girl, aint many people around who call me fungus.

i would rather be weird than a sheep lol.

why you not updating your blog sis

lostkitty said...

well done sunoASS!

white african said...

lost kitty im gonna come and kick you girl

NM said...

White A you got my text am on your case now!! Get it sorted woman

lostkitty said...

yeah yeah - promises promises!