Sunday, April 11, 2010

as Libyans why can we be so in-patient with one another??????

and have no element of customer service for our people?

i maybe, actually probably going Libya this year inshallah, and my Libyan passport has expired so i need to re-new my passport for the 3rd time, not that i have actually used it!

and that's another thing that's annoying why is it that you can only get a maximum of 4 years for a passport and only if its re-newed in Libya, last year i re-newed my passport at the London embassy and they gave me less than a year before it expired, so frustrating i swear.

anyway so theres this application form that you need to fill in, which is dated 2007!!! and i filled it in but i wasn't sure whether to send photos (last time they sent back the photos and used the old photo of me looking much younger) and how much it was gonna cost me, so my husband calls the embassy and some Libyan dude replies (not the sudani guy)my hubby asks him regarding the ijraat (procedures) around re-newing a passport, to which the man cuts him short and says check the website, it has all the details. my husband says to him ok but i don't have a computer on me at the moment and seeing how I've called now could you just let me know about what is needed exactly, to which the man says 'if i was to answer the phone for every person who calls asking questions like this, i would never get any work done' and said it in a very rude manner.

??????????? the mind boggles...

how about the fact that as part of the embassy job description, they are obliged to answer queries and help Libyans sort out passport issues!!!!!!!

my god things like this seriously annoy me.

I'm going to call the embassy on Monday and speak to whoever answers in English and see whether that will make any difference, and if it does its not gonna make happy, it will just confirm my theory that customer service does not exist in Libya or the Libyan embassy, maybe I'm generalising, but i will make it a point to research this when i go, maybe its civil servant jobs!

oh and the website is down, so how are people meant to check out passport information duuuuuuuh!!!


Emma said...

Salam Alaykom. Is it really like that? Here in Sweden they are very helpful and always speaks in a good manner...... I dont have any libyan passport and my daughter also, so we are travelling to the embassy and they helped us with everything over the phone. Where in Libya will you travel? My husband is from Benghazi

white african said...

wallykum assalam emma, hope your well :)

im not really sure what customer service is like over there im going to find out this year, the libyan embassy in london can be rude, but i found that when i speak to them in English the treatment seems to change for the better!

my husband is from benghazi as well, maybe we can hook up :)

im going to go to tripoli as i have family there as well as misrata, but i would love to travel through out and explore that would be great