Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the ash from the volcano in Iceland has caused havoc especially in Britain and Europe, my dad has been stuck abroad for nearly a week and a half due to this but hes one of the lucky ones hes staying with friends, so many people have had to fork out hundreds and even thousands for food, hotels, transport etc.
the cheeky hotel industry are abusing the fact that people are stranded and so have increased there hotel prices to get a hefty profit from all of this.

now something to be proud of...

the Libyan families in Switzerland have taken the initiative to help there stranded fellow Libyans, every day many of them are venturing to the airports and picking up stranded passengers and taking them home to rest, how cool is that :))))

how many of us would help strangers like that?

now i think the mosques all over Europe and Britain should have done the same for all Passenger's Muslim and Non- Muslim that would have been absolutely fantastic.

i swear that made my day today...


[Lebeeya] said...

I’ve always been amazed by random acts of kindness. Thumbs up to the Libyans in Switzerland!

and.... الحمدالله على سلامة الوالد

white african said...

thanks lebeeya, i was completly over the moon when i was told about the libyans in switzerland, totally made my day.