Wednesday, April 07, 2010

on bank holiday monday i went to conwy in wales for a day trip, the weather managed to hold and it did not rain, though it was freeeeeeeezing.

its only 1 hour and a half away from manchester and its soooo pretty.
as usual here are the photos to share with you all.
sign of spring? who knows...
my future car, i want one of these..
going up the castle..
generaly i hate pigioens (flying rats) but these 2 looked cute :)
the welsh flag
i watched these two birds for 20 minutes! one was holding onto the other ones beak, for what? i have no idea, couldnt tell whether they where fighting or flirting lol
smallest house in britain, i think the lady who owns it may also be the smallest old lady in britain as well ;)
later we looked for fish and chips, the problem was not finding a shop, they where every where, the problem was finding one that fried the chips and cod in a seprate place to the pork sausage.
sadly we didnt find a place excpet for a dodgy kebab house which had the saddest chips and something which till now, dont know whether was fish or human !!!!


[Lebeeya] said...

I loved all the pictures. Good photography girl.

The pic of the smallest house is so cute, and I hate pigeons as well. They are evil.

I am glad you enjoyed the day :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

I have never been to Wales but I do know how beautiful it is and your pictures prove that.

I love the car and the little house :o)

there are many donkey sanctuaries there as I understand so lets hope that what you ate wasnt human lol

eternal peace said...

salaams sis beautiful pics i love daffodils as they welcome in my favourite season-spring! mashaAllah Wales has some beautiful parts! your pics remind me of my Cornwall trip few days ago that i'm inspired to put up now if only I could link the phone to my PC!
take care
wasalam xxx

white african said...

lebeeya thanks hun :0).

anglo wales has some very beautiful places, worth a visit.

lol at human meat, still donkey is better than human :)

eternal long time, load them up, never been to cornwall thinking of going next bank holiday inshallah :)