Thursday, January 31, 2008

i do actually have alot to say but i dont have the energy....

Monday, January 21, 2008

ever been in a situation (my god just typing those words a realisation hit me, i start many of my blog entries with 'ever been in a situation) where you find yourself laughing at yourself just for the sheer fact at how stupid you where?

the other day i arrived at work early in the morning, took out my keys, its so routine that i don't have to think about it any more, or so i thought..

i literally stood there for 10 minutes trying to open the main door with my keys, the stupid key wouldn't even go in, i kept looking at the key, examining it, then trying to place it into the key hole, but for some weird reason it wouldn't fit, at this point i was getting frustrated and to top it all of i was wet.

i then came to the realisation that some one must have changed the locks, no other explanation.. so i stood there cursing every one i could think of who might have been involved in changing the locks.

i started to rummage around in my bag, looking for my mobile so i can call the manager, when i felt something at the bottom of my bag, low and behold it was a bunch of keys...

my god it was my work keys, i looked down at my hand and it struck me what the problem was, i was holding my house key, i was trying to open work with my house key!!!!!!!!!!

it doesn't even resemble my work key, and not only that my work keys come in a bunch attached to a key ring, my house key is a singular key, how in the world did i confuse between them??????

walahi guys i stood there laughing at myself for what seemed forever.

seriously why!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

sometimes it seems that life hands out a case of 'everything going wrong' and just when you think life hates you, it turns itself around and gives you a tremendous hug ;)

the other day i was sat at work eating a bowl of cornflakes (bran flakes actually), it was 9 am, and i was cherishing the moment of silence cause i new that ahead of me would be a day of constant 'blah blah blah blah blah'.

anyway so I'm sat eating breakfast and contemplating on writting to gordon brown and kindly asking him to scrap Mondays from the weekdays, when a patient walks in and interrupts my line of thought.

'what you eating there sinder?' (i love how my name has so many different versions).

me: 'breakfast'

patient: 'oh, what is it?'

me: i had the urge to say camel hair for some reason, 'its bran flakes'

patient: 'oh, do you like bran flakes?'

me: 'yep i certainly do, it fills me up and gets me ready for work'

patient: 'ok'

and that was that...

next day i leave work, I'm walking towards oxford road, and i can clearly hear some one beeping continuously while I'm walking, but being an Arab girl, I've been brought up not to turn around when hearing the beep of a car, so the car continued to beep and i continued to walk until the car literally parked in front of me, it was the same patient.

patient: 'hey sinder, i was beeping you'

me: 'oh was you, sorry i didn't realise'

patient: ' where you of to?'

me: 'the beach... only kidding I'm going to the hospital to visit a friend'
patient: 'oh, you going to come back to work?'

me: 'nope, Ive finished for the day, praise the lorrrrd'

patient: 'oh'

me: i wanted to walk away, 'why is there something you need?'

patient: 'ummmm no i was going to pop in later but i will leave it for Thursday when your next in'

me: 'ok then, well you have a good day now'

and that was that...

next day i come into work, and the patient had brought me a little gift...

3 boxes of bran flakes looooooooool

how adorable is that?

basically she used to work for Kellogg's (the makers of cereal) and she still has contacts and gets given offers, so when she had seen me eat it for breakfast she decided to get me some more.

bless her, i swear people, she made my day :))))))))

Sunday, January 13, 2008

don't you think that the Libyan traditional dress is so cute, its simply lovely.
amazingly enough when i was a kid i hated it, couldn't stand the look of it, the ladies dress that is, the mens was cool, but for some reason i couldn't stand the ladies 3arbee / irday.

i never realised that there where sooooo many different types, and they differ depending on what area your from as well, cool!!!

i only started liking them recently, not all types i have to be honest, some give the illusion of an over dressed peacock.

but some are totally funky, especially the Bedouin one (ph i am one at heart lol), my ultimate fav has to be the 3abroog with all that silver funky jewelery, yeh man...

i guess my hatred for it stems from the fact that as a 7 year old child, for one of the eids, my mums friend dressed me up in the whole 3arbee gear, including the helmet of gold,as well as the frontal gold sheild (loads of gold involved), then we went to the local mosque for a eid party, how traumatising, picture me in the whole gear, sat in a mosque in Scotland, surrounded by children from different ethnic backgrounds all asking me what i was wearing.

i couldn't even participate in the games because i couldn't walk, i had to be assisted as i had been wrapped like dolma. walahi if i had a scanner i would scan the pic, i looked like i was not impressed in the least lol.

after that episode of my life, the word 3arbee sent shivers down my spine. but i have gotten over that after much counselling ;)

seriously though, the past 2 years I've been to quite a few weddings and some of the brides looked majorly funky in there 3arbees, so yeh I've been converted, but in all honesty i would rather take pictures than to wear it myself. take for instance the picture above, it was so funny to watch her trying to walk, bless...
i remember one time at uni, we had culture week, and i decided that i would feature Libya as one of the cultures, so i booked an area and for a whole week i offered shahee 7amar, arabic cofee, ghraybah and ka3ak, as well as a gallery of photos and art work, and of course historical info including a section dedicated to the shaheed umar mukhtar and my friend bless her came in one day wearing a pink 3arbee and stood all day with me wearing it lol, lets just say we got a crowd going :)
my first trip to Libya was in 2002, my brother and i had gone through the Tunisian border, so my uncle had picked us up from Tunis and we drove to Tripoli, when we entered Tripoli it was eid morning and people where leaving there homes to go to the eid prayer, and cause it was cold some of the men where wearing jard, and the image of sun rise with an old man wearing jard and an old woman wearing irday was one of the most beautiful scenes i saw when i was in Libya.
wow that was quite a rant...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i have been craving roasted chestnuts for like the past year!!!

i simply adore them mmmm.
and yesterday a good friend of mine came back from Turkey and handed me a bag full of chestnuts that are ready to be roasted yipeeeee.
when i went to turkey in 2005 the weather was still chilly so the chestnut men where everywhere, i didn't need to hunt them down, this was the first chest nut man i saw and i literally ran to him bought so much of him and then requested to take his photo, for some reason the man thought i had issues, why would he think that!!!

at the moment i am rubbing my hands in glee, gastil gastil gastil, i could sing a song about chestnuts.
you know what else is amazing for winter season, batata 7elwa (sweet potato) put it in the even, let in cook, simply gorgeous.

and then to add to that the most amazing drink sa7lab, yeh man...

Friday, January 04, 2008

ever been in a stituation where you thought you heard something but it turns out you miss heard what the person said?

you see i seem to make a habit of miss-hearing people but i blame it on peoples pronounciation, although my friends will say otherwise but dont listen to them :)

the other day i was chatting to my mums friend, she is one funky dudette, she is one of those mothers friends who you can have a laugh with, see mothers tend to have different types of friends, some are of the type who speak down to you, extremley patronising and will not be convinced that your capable of doing anything on your own, i.e treat you like your still 3.

other types are the kind that speak to you or give you some sort of attention when they need something from you, other than that they wont blink an eye lid at you. then you have the second mother, and then some are the funky variaty, the whole been there done that and permenantly wore the t-shirt, the type you could seriously enjoy yourself with.

so i was having a general chit chat with her, talking about the wedding we went to, her taking the mick about me falling, then we started talking about what we wore, she was asking where i had bought my dress, she then asked my opinion of what she wore, to which i replied 'mashallah, tala3ti zay il ghazalah' - you looked lovely mashallah.

she smilled and then i thought she said 'mitakda matla3tish zay il feelah' - you sure i didnt look like an elephant'

to which i replied '7ashak feelah, musta7eel' no way elephant, never.

her facial expression alerted me to the fact that i had said something she wasnt expecting and before i could ask she said: 'feelah? feelah? anee magiltash feelah'

oh my god some body ask the earth to swallow me whole please, what do you say...
all i could say was 'sam7eenee khwelah, shin giltee?' -pardon me aunty, what did you say?'

to which she replied 'giltlick libsee makanish ikhee' - i said my dress wasnt horrible?

??????????? where in the world did i hear elephant???????

she then said ' mala can fe balak feelah lama shiftinee' - well then you must have thought elephant when you saw me.
to which i kept muttering on about how that wasnt true and she looked amazing, and how just the other day i mentionedto my mum how she had looked really nice.

but i dont think she was convinced :(
saying that though she did laugh and poke fun at me to my utter embarrasment. why do these things always happen looooool