Saturday, June 28, 2008

ok so the dilema of the day on a daily basis is 'WHAT AM I GOING TO COOK TODAY?'

i actually wake up in the morning with feeling of dread as to what to cook, there is only so many times that i can cook imbakibkah, probably can get away with twice a week, but what about the 5 other days?

i ask mr white african about what to cook, and the dude just replies, 'anything, what ever you want' well that doesnt help.

i have a confession that i need to to take of my chest...

occasionly i will cheat and get pre-made meals and pretend that i made it

oh the shock!!!

i dont lie, i just dont answer, instead make convincing noises, for example

mr white african: this is nice

me: yeh it is isint it

mr white african: looks complicated

me: really?

mr white african: you poor thing, did it take you long to cook?

me: mmmmmh ummmm hmhmhm

(see the above could mean anything)

he understands it to mean yes, but thats not my fault, he chose to belive that i tired myslef out in the kitchen cooking complicated dishes, it would be evil of me to tell him other wise

hee hee hee


Anonymous said...

Haha You're terrible you really are!! But TECHNICALLY you didn't lie...and you did go out decide what meal to buy, pay for it, bring it home, unwrap it and plate up...Sooo you did exert energy just not as much as Mr White African gives you credit for and you happily accept!!haha Flick through a cook book and pick a dish at random!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
I'm in agreement with Amira. It does take quite a bit of effort to decide what to eat on a daily basis. So you go girl. If you can ease the burdens of your life with this simple task then good for you.

NM said...

Looool! your my mentor now whitey. We have split the kitchen chores so that i cook and Anas cleans. Ever told me he was a clean freak but boy is that flat spotless the girls think he has ocd so since there is no doubt he will keep to his end of the bargain i think am going to have to cheat a little. I especially like the not lying bit lol

a_akak said...

believe it or not i have the same issue lol but for me i usually end up in Nandos which is right infront of my building

My mother always complained about the same thing and was like "Ahmed what do you want me to cook?" and my answer "Anything" and she will reply "you have not been helpful"

As for Imbakbaka, I would have it 8 times a week :)

Fe Aman Allah

Caught in the middle said...

White african, I am excatly the same, I hate the kitchen & I hate cooking, plus cook books are great if you can find all the ingredients needed in Libya (no such luck) I usualy go for Pasta, Tomatoe pasta, tuna and tomatoe pasta, Mushroom and tomatoe pasta, lasagne.....
Take care and happy cooking.

Anglo-Libyan said...

imagine what its going to be like when your family gets bigger inshaAllah :o)

its things like that which make us appreciate our parents, I remember when I was young and living in Libya, my mum would say that every morning "what am I going to cook today?" yet there was always something nice to eat waiting for us when we come back from school,

I am sure your mum is the same.
good luck and I hope you know what your cooking today :o)

PH said...


My mother doesn't ask that question at all she actually has a table for the weekly meals :P.


lostkitty said...

lol - u cheat! Ok - actually already knew this :-D

Look as long as it is hot and tastes OK - he'll be happy. trust me - I have to cook just as regularly for my Dad!

As for the lying :-) - lying by omission is still lying - technically. Yet so tempting....

white african said...

amira i agree technically i didnt lie lol, shopping and unwrapping food takes so much energy ;)

ibee wassalam, thank you for the vote of confidence, my guilty feelings are quickly disapearing lol.

nm learn sister and learn fast lol, as for the whole cleaning thing, i would say the same goes for my hubby, nothing is ever clean enough, cod man seriously.

akak mmmmmmm nandos, not been there in a long time, th eonly thing in front of my building is another building and i cant serve bricks for dinner lol, could you imagine ha ha

caught we libyans are really into our different forms of pasta, but its fantastic, fast and easy

anglo my god, and children can be so fussy, your right its a dilema that all mothers face yet they still manage to fill our tummys bless them

ph i have a friend who every sunday writes up a schedule of what to cook for every day of the week!

kitty all i can say is i am so grateful that i have a husband that does not demand a new dish for every day, some woman have to cook mor ethan one dish and they cant cook the same dish, my god!!!

lostkitty said...

ok that wud be mad! i just wudnt cope!