Friday, June 20, 2008

ever been in a situation where your mind just wanders of and your physical being works on its own.

confusing huh?

well the other day i had a visitor in the form of a Libyan lady, i dread these visits as i become all paranoid and my clumsy ratings hit the roof, seriously.

anyway she has a young baby girl who is teething at the moment, so the baby needs things to chew on, preferably not my curtains or pillows or at one point my toe!!!

the mother requests some dry bread to keep her sane and help with the chewing process and to rub against her gums, so i jump up with enthusiasm, go to the kitchen rummage around for a piece of the dry bread, she has 2 other children who think its a fun game to follow me around and be my shadow lol, so I'm entertaining them and decide to make them hyperactive by giving them a bar of chocolate each.

go back to the living room, walk up to the lady and offer her a big jar of coffee!!!!!!

my mind had not registered yet that i was holding a jar of coffee and offering it to the poor woman who i thought was being really weird and rude because she was staring at me and wouldn't take what i was offering her.

i kept saying tifadly (here you go) and she kept looking at my hand and then at my face with a puzzled expression on her face, i then thought maybe its not the right type of bread, so i started to apologise for only having pita bread and would that do or maybe a hard biscuit would be better.

to which she finally begins talking and says the breads fine but what has the coffee got to do with it.

people i seriously had not registered the fact that I'm standing holding a jar of coffee.

'kahwa'? - coffee,

'ama kahwa?' - which coffee?

to which she points at my hand

i look down and sure enough I'm holding a jar of coffee, my god you should have seen my reaction, all i kept saying was 'kahwa, kahwa, kahwa'


no wonder, her reaction was to laugh hysterically loud at me, and all i could do was apologise, run out the room and bring her a ton of dry bread.

my god, where did my mind go?


a_akak said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak lol

That is good, but it happens especially after a long day but not to that extent ... I think you must have had other things in ur mind apart from this lady or you were thinking to do something else?

Did she think you wanted her to make the coffee?

Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Haha oh dear poor woman....poor you!!Maybe you thought about making her kahwa and grabbed it thinking it was bread???

I think you were just trying so hard not be clumsy and keep your paranoia in check that your sanity went out of the window. It's like when I try really hard not to trip when I walk past a big group of people...I think about it so hard that I end up either tripping anyway or walking into someone or someting!!:-s

MusicLover said...

Bob Dylan One More Cup of Coffee

Bread - If

Never fails to have a good laugh reading your posts

Lebeeya said...

LOL...Thank you White African! I needed to hear this story soo badly right now you have no idea.

My brain sometimes goes on a walk and forgets to tell me. Or it told me but since its gone, I cant remember!!

I feel like doing dumb things has become normal for me lately. I have gotten to the point that I feel I should have a warning label strapped to me..Saying to avoid this person..she maybe hazardous to your physical or mental health.

Lebeeya said...

Amira what you just so simply explained is called: LAW OF ATTRACTION. Because you think about it, you attract it to yourself.

Solution: Don't think. Just live.

I think I should sell that tagline / slogan to Nike!!! It sounds pretty cool eh? Much better than 'Just do it'.

Anonymous said...

Law of attraction eh...Hmm might have to use this to my advantage...think think think...I'm more familiar with "sod's law" haha

"Don't think. Just live"

It could work...but think it's too late to sell it to Nike and make monies from it, it's in the public domain unless who have patented it already!!lol

Cofman said...

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white african said...

akak i think with me i always go the extra step, seriously my mind went away for a while.

my god maybe thats why she was looking at me weirdly she thought she had to make the coffee lol

amira you so right, next time im gonna act cool and normal, the more worked up i am the more chance of something hapening,

truth was i wanted coffee lol

music your so cool with your links thanks :)

leebeya no problemo glad to have assisted :) hope your kepping well, continue with the blogging woman, stop hibernating

coff no worries bro, always happy to c u here, dont really know any one who can help with the poetry thing but will keep it in mind.