Friday, June 13, 2008

i woke up for fajr this morning as usual nothing new.

but i was granted a friend this morning in the presence of a spider.

see i had just finished reciting surah al-fatiha when i caught something moving from the corner of my eye, something coming down the curtain, crawling right towards me.

could i concentrate on my prayers after that, NO.. why?

because there was a HUGE spider crawling towards me...

walahi bloggers as a kid home spiders used to be tiny, you could hardly see them with your eyes, and they where harmless critters, the gypsy of the bug world, crawling through your home, never intending on staying, just passing through people.

now in the year 2008, spiders are genetically modified, British spiders that is, they are huge and freaky and you can see there beady eyes miles away looking at you, and they no longer are interested in camping a few days in your home, they are taking over and bringing there tribes.

why have they become soooooooooooooo huge? is it that just as the life style of humans have changed since the 2nd world war and humans have become bigger, so have spiders? flies are not enough for them any more, they are looking for bigger things, that's right, us!!!!

seriously i was so scared of doing sujud in case it jumped on my, so my eyes where working over time scanning the room whilst i was praying.

i never did see it appear after the first sighting, and when my husband woke up to pray, i didn't mention to him that there was a big ugly spider hiding some where, i was hoping it would pop out and jump on him ha ha ha.

it never did :(


lostkitty said...

lol :-)
Thats mean - u be nice to my brother!!
Altho... Damn - it wud have been fun if it had jumped on him tho but then u wud have gotten all jealous....!!

Lady_WildKat said...

ha ha ha ha....oh the missed opportunity to torment i regret that the spider reamined hidden... inshaAllah next time? ;o)

eternal peace said...

LOOL thats naughty sis! wonder if he would have screamed if the spider jumped on him! just a while ago when i was praying maghrib and during the tashaud my nephew comes right upto me, his face right next to mine and keeps on staring. i really had to try hard to stop myself laughing subhanAllah

Anonymous said...

Haha...ur nice arent u!!Saying that I think I would of done the same...mainly for the entertainment factor and not because I get pleasure out of being mean!!Haha

Anglo-Libyan said...

very funny :o)

I do agree with you, I keep seeing massive hairy spiders, usually in the evening I see one walking all over the sitting room floor going under the sofa and out and it never seems to be scared of anyone, we just leave it alone.

regards to your husband, I wonder if he is scared of spiders! lol

Anonymous said...

Same thing is happening to the ants in Libya....every summer when I go back they get bigger and bigger!!!

a_akak said...


I think after a few years we will see obese spiders as they will also get fatter by time and more comforts lol

I hope the incident didnt spoil your prayer?

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

lost watever dudtte :0)

lady lol

eternal i love when kids do stuff like that, your better than me i seriously would have cracke dup in my prayer

anon defiantly the pleasure and funny factor

anglo i saw another one yesterday on the wall, maaaaaaaaan there evrywhere, and i called my husband to kill it but he refused instead he put it in a tissue and put it outside, its only going to turn around and come back.

anon big ants shudder i hate to imagine.

akak bro long time, hope your all cool, obese spiders, my god could you imagine, actually lets not yuk

MusicLover said...

Kiss of the Spider Woman

Anonymous said...

Haha now thats just mean...but mostly funny!!

Did you know that we actually on average consume around 8 spiders a year while we are asleep...Yuk!!!

white african said...

music :)

amira when i heard that fact i didnt sleep for like ever, or at least with ear plugs on and a cork in my mouth lol