Thursday, July 10, 2008

i handed in my resignation letter today.

feels really weird.
i wasn't working today but i came in specifically to hand it in, the manager was on his 2 hour lunch break so i left it on his key board addressed to him.

will find out tomorrow what the reaction will be.

ooooooooooooooh the excitement of it all.

quite frankly i cant be bothered with that place any more, and certain people their just are not worth getting stressed over and at the end of the day turning my back on them may just be the best thing for me.

will keep you updated......


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like your happy with your decision bil toufeeq with your future plans!!:-)
Hey does that now mean you have more time to plan and cook meals haha ;-P

a_akak said...

May allah guide you to what is best for you and your new found family but i get the impression you are happy to leave them? or will you miss aspects of it?


Good luck with whatever you choose and may allah bless both of u

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

time to move on then :o)

good luck whiteafrican and Allah with you.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the right move, definitely definitely!!!

If it is your decision, if you decided to go .. not them kicking you out … then I tell you, you must be f right!!!!!

Why I say that???????????


Cof, the only cof
And thank god there is only one cof!

علاء said...

I am back!
Go to my page, to guest book
send ur email

علاء said...

u can still call me cofman

علاء said...

Listen White,
This is my 3rd or 4th message in less than one hr
If you feel you might be searching for a job anytime soon, then hit my guestbook with ur mail

Best wishes & Best of luck!

asoom said...


lostkitty said...

:-D U know how I feel!

libyan said...

good luck, lots of changes in just few months. One advice, take one step after the other, you might feel bored after stopping work.

Anonymous said...

Why it is the minute Libyan girls get married (mostly) give up their jobs?! What is the point of all that hard work at school? And they end up having babies, which nothing wrong with that as you could have them and keep the job too, but as far as I know, Libyan girls have this myth in their heads that men are born to this life to pamper them and provide for them even if they find it difficult to do so (financially) . So I wonder what’s your reasons in giving up the job (apart from not liking it) specially in theses days when it is very hard to find one?

Anonymous said...

Anon you should try working for a hypocritical hairy git who has double standards just because he has a Y chromosome before you ask why WA is leaving and maybe you'll find out why =)

white african said...

thanks every one for your encouraging words, amira hamdullilah i think its the right decision inshallah.

akak ameen bro, doubt i will miss it really

anglo it really time to move on, i have had it with that place

thank cof, always encouraging bless you.

thanks asoom ;)

kitty finnally :)

libyan thank you

anon actually im leaving my current work place to move onto another one, its actually more hours, full time, its got nothing to do with getting married and being pampered by my hubby, although pampering doesnt sound like a bad idea lol.

so yeh im leaving my work place due to a million negative reasons and ive had enough, so inshallah come septmeber im starting some where new.

hope that answers your qs, you sounded so negative.

red head thanks sis :)

علاء said...

Ya Rab Ol6of Bia!!!

All these tricks, all these stories … DRAMA … people getting killed ….cos She handed her resignation …Oh!!!

So she stopped working, has she ??????????????

How sad how sad!!!
All these episodes only to tell us she got a better job to go to!!!!

Do u live too far from Coronation Street studios?

MusicLover said...

I will respond to your last 2 post here.

i ask mr white african about what to cook, and the dude just replies, 'anything, what ever you want' well that doesnt help.

Husbands know better not to open their mouth specially if they are newly wed......

Wait till you have kids, they will start making comments about your cooking and god help you if you have a picky child. Enjoy the peace time with your husband now as much as possible lol

30 Minute Meals Videos

As for resignation, if you feel happier now then it was the right decision.

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