Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The other day I was lining up at one of the many subways in dear old Manchester.

The man serving me was Asian, and before asking me what type of bread I wanted he asked instead 'are you Iranian?'

'Excuse me' I replied, I didn’t catch what he had said.

'Are you Iranian?' speaking slightly louder.

Iranian oh, no I’m not' all the time thinking I want the Italian bread, Italian bread Italian bread.

'So what are you' he said

I nearly said Italian lol

'I’m Libyan' all the while contemplating on whether I should be having this conversation with this dude.

'Libyan, oooooooooh, your capital is Beirut'

'Beirut?' ?????? He really confused me, and then it hit me, he thought I meant Lebanon.

'No dude, the capital of Libya is Tripoli, Libya is in the north of Africa'


Seriously I was beginning to walk away...

My brother then says to him, 'bro you know gaddafi'

To which I turned around to my brother and told him of, it irates me when people associate Libya with that man.

To which the man says 'gaddafi?'

To which my brother replies' you know gadafi stadium in Lahore'

The man then says ' I hate Pakistan'


I couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Then asking what fillings we wanted, tuna, he continued to talk and came out with an extremely weird conspiracy theory that I had never heard of.

'You know gaddafi killed Bhutto?


'He killed Bhutto? And where did you hear that from?'

noooooooo not this Bhutto, the one in 1978'


yep that makes sense.

Well what could I say apart from 'oh I see'

He then switches topics and asks about a book I was holding. 'What you reading?'

I was holding ibn kathirs book titled 'stories of the prophets', so I told him what it was to which he replies 'yes yes, I like the story of ali'


ali? I was going to say that ail (ra) was not a prophet, but from where I was standing it looked easier to argue the Bhutto case.

I love Manchester.


Anglo-Libyan said...

my favourite is Italian bread with herbs, I do like subway, great sandwitches, especially if you ask for double filling :o)

what a man? very nosey and very dumb as well.
he hates Pakistan but was he Pakistani?

to think to this day some people still only know Libya if you mentioned that man :oS

I hope you and Tabet had a nice sandwich at least.


Only in Manchester.....lol
People in this world are so ignorant sometimes!

Otherwise WA....how are you faring? Is all good witchu?

MusicLover said...

Lilly: The World Map Master


White African living in Manchester United reminded me of one my favourite football player

George Best


and the recent 50 Anniversary of Plane Crash of Manchester United Team

Young generation in USA does not know Libya nor Kaddafi !!!!!!!

America-----a horse with no name

Living Away said...

living in europe i had access to wonderful breads...here in taiwan bread is not that famous and i miss it a lot... italian bread...so delicious!
what a guy you met over there...wow!

white african said...

anglo italian bread mmmmmmmm, have you tried out the halal subways? we have quite a few in manchester.

the guy was pakistani lol and yep many people still associate libya with 'that man' :(

the sandwich was lovely although it wasnt tabet who eat with me, it was the other one, ahmed :0)

native apparently manchester has the most weirdos in th ewhole of uk, im starting to agree.

im coolios appart from missing my faiza, where you been at girl?

music once again thanks for da links, my god your a football fan!!!! you as well!!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

living away, taiwan, wow, sounds fab, but yeh i did hear that there bread isnt so brilliant, poor you :(