Friday, February 08, 2008

it has been a while since my last post, i dont even know where the time flies to be honest.

my lack of blogging has also been due to technical difficulties i.e no internet at home (every one say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw in sympathy).

being deprived of the internet makes you feel like your missing out on something big.

anyway dearest bloggers nothing much to report, but i will share with you the experince of eating hot chestnuts, sweet potato straight from the oven with red tea with roasted peanuts mmmmmm. basiclly what i have been having this winter.
i swear people you cant beat the taste of origional libyan tea, yeh maaaaaaaaaan.

mmmm roasted nuts with libyan tea, simply beautiful... and of course put them all together and you get an amazing winter treat
also ive been teaching my brother the art of hugging a tree:


Crowded Mind said...

I enjoyed with post
The pics were nice mashaAllah
chestnut! yummy but I prefere peanut
I didn't do that since years I don't know even when was the last time ! but I think that was with my grandma at Tripoli ! I think

I like your blog so please keep it active
Fe aman Allah

MusicLover said...

my lack of blogging has also been due to technical difficulties i.e no internet at home (every one say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw in sympathy).

excuses, excuses, you charm is not working on me :-)

This is video clip to teach you how to dance as you do not jog anymore :-)

cofman said...

Thanks Waf!

I have a request
Could you please write something about Libyan weddings abroad?
Something about how they usually meet for the first time, how old and where they met, were there ‘middlemen’, do they live in the same country? how long it took between engagement and wedding, & so forth ..

And the wedding itself, was it libyan 100%? How many guests invited/ came? Half libyan/half whatever? The food & sweets? The music? In one place where all sexes mix, or in 2 separate places, .. one night or 7? ..
So many questions … I hope you give each and every question the pure white african touch

Just general info … thanks

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Well I'll be honest I've never drank tea with nuts in it before, so will have to give it a try. Great pics by the way. Your post are always wonderful----thank you.

white african said...

crowded thanks :) my best nut is brazil nut but i will leave that for another blog entry.

music darn i thought i was in with a chance lol :)

thanks for the link.

cof you know the topic you ahve raised is very interesting, its gonna need alot of thought and a day dedicated to typing away, and i dont mind doing it as it really is food for thought, so watch this space :0)

ibee wassalam and thanks :) roast th epeanuts b4 putting them in the tea, vital...

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