Saturday, December 15, 2007

the other day me and tawhida where walking towards the mosque in town having a general chit chat, we turned round the corner, when i noticed that one of the buildings was being renovated, the whole front of the building was purely window, ie glass, so we could see what was happening inside, the builders must have gone home but what they left behind, to me, was what being British is all about :))))

the good old cup of tea!!!

cant live without it, put the kettle on and you receive instant relaxation, i love it...


PH said...

Yessss tea, I was checking to see if there was milk there .... just to make sure :P.
That scene could also apply to Egyptian builders, minus the milk, they love their tea as well; when working ;).


Anglo-Libyan said...

that is exactly what I thought:

the good old cuppa tea, lovely :o)

Maya said...

salam white African
I waslooking for the milk too
I can't live without it
حليب وشاهي
nice post mashaAllah
fe aman Allah

Anonymous said...

In one of his columns in Al Ahram , Anis Mansour wrote that Libyans are #1 in consuming Tea in the world.


Anonymous said...

Happy Eid


white african said...

ph course theres gonna be milk, could you imagine a black tea oh the horror :)

so true bout the egyptians bless.

anglo it really is a hero in the work place :) saves the day lol

maya wassalam :) milk with tea required daily drink, you know what i love, shahee 7amar with 7aleeb carnation mmmmm

music lover i can belive it, red and green tea, and eid mubarak 2 you 2 :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, who could ask for more---especially these chilly morning----awwwwww perfect.

duniazad said...

tea and milk at breakfast, and then green tea after dinner, and shahi el3ashia, and then maybe a few rounds e3dala...yep libyans are addicted =D

Kul 3am wenti bkeir, and hope you & your family are enjoying Eid!