Wednesday, December 26, 2007

isn't it so annoying when some one is in a mood and they instantly spoil your own mood because of the intense messed up mood of theres.
you could be having a perfectly fine day up until you sit with a person who is in a foul mood and there mood rubs onto you so by the end of the day you finding yourself being all grumpy due to some one elses mood, how messed up is that!!!

whats worse is when they wont talk about it, theres only so many times you can say: 'is every thing ok?' and when they say fine you just want to bash them over the head with an inflatable iron because clearly there lying because the the whole world and its dog knows that some thing is up.

then later you get accused of not giving a damn!!!! well excuse me, but when i asked you a zillion times whats up? you told me nothing, so it took it to mean that NOTHING was up...

NOOOOOOO im supposed to read between the lines, i didn't realise im supposed to be telepathic, see im one of those people who cant jamil (i dont even know what the english word for this is, but its basically when you go over the top with politeness and asking if a person is ok, help me out bloggers what is the english word for mujamalah?) i might ask a person 3 times but then i feel stupid for continuously asking, so i will just say 'im here if you need me for anything' and thus leaving the ball in there court.

but some people need to be asked a trillion times before they finally break the ice and confess whats eating them up,

you know what really gets me as well is when they admit somethings up but say 'its not you, its just that i have issues at the moment' ok fine we all have issues but the fact that you have chosen to be in my presence i.e met up with me, means that you want to change your mood, you want your mood up lifted, now i am going to try my best to achieve this but please for the love of god its a 2 way thing, help me out with at least a smile, a sort of laugh, but to fold your arms through out and sulk and not say 2 words in an hour is slightly pushing it, what do you want me to do jump up and down and dance the Copacabana?

human moods are such funny things, why do we have them?


Anonymous said...

My Motto

"I do my thing, & you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other- it is beautiful. If not it can't be helped." Fritz Perls


PH said...

"(i dont even know what the english word for this is, but its basically when you go over the top with politeness and asking if a person is ok, help me out bloggers what is the english word for mujamalah?)"

I think its courtesy .

I'm familiar with the situation you're talking about. Usually in such cases you have to be in a really good mood to lighten up the mood of your friend .... seems you were in a not so good mood either that day ?


Lebeeya said...

I learned (only recently) that when someone is not in a very good mood, the worst thing to do is ask them if they are ok or whats up. They usually ask to meet up or request someones presence because they need someone there for them. However, they will only start talking when they feel like it. By asking over and over again whats wrong will make them feel even worse cuz they are not ready to talk about it, maybe they are trying to gather their thoughts or understand how they feel before talking? I do not know but when a friend of mine is usually not in a very bubbly mood, I try to take her out of the state she is in by hugging her then saying "Yalla, i'm gonna make u feel better! Lets go eat something/lets go out" so I'll start talking about other things, trying to make her laugh, or just by driving around in the car.

Sometimes a hug is all it takes to get them to talk and get everything out of their system :)

white african said...

music thanks, nice motto, but not every one is accepting of one another :(

ph thanks for th eenglish word for mujamallah, i guess my mood wasnt to good to begin with, but it got worse afetr being with them lol.

leebeyah thans hun for that, your right, and next time i see her i will make an effort of lightening up the mood :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Hope your friend is feeling better. I agree 100% with Lebeeya---very well said----a hug is always healing.