Friday, October 05, 2007

the other day i cooked iftar, quite an occasion i tell you!

it was a case of having to wake up early and do some shopping, every thing was going well until i ventured into the butchers shop.

i saw one of my neighbours so got chatting to her, it was her turn to be served, all the time at the back of my head i kept thinking 'what am i going to order?' i swear i had no idea of the quantity or even the name of the meat, silly i know but i never buy meat this was a first for me.

so i decided to call my mums friend, this is how the conversation went:

me: sallam

lady: wallykum asallam, how are you?

me: I'm fine hamdullilah, hope you and the girls are well

lady: hamdullilah there good

me: ok khwalah, maneebeesh nakhid min wagtik (i dont want to take much of your time) I'm at the butchers and i want to buy la7am (meat) for sharbah leebeyah (libyan soup) lakin wallahi manee 3arafa rasee min reejlayah (i have no idea what im doing) whats the name of the meat?

lady: laughing (i so new she would) walahi habeebty la7am a7mar (red meat)

me: red meat??? will he understand me if i say to him red meat?

lady: inshallah

me: i thought it was called habrah

lady: that's Libyan he wont understand you.

me: oh ok, any way jazakh allah khairn

yep so i was even more confused, so i decided to take my chances and make a fool of myself, so when my turn came i approached the bearded brother, coughed, smiled and said i would like....

before i even completed the sentence, a lady starts shouting 'why you go and serve her before me, Ive been waiting all dis time' hands on hips, sucking her teeth.

to which i turned around to her and said 'i don't think so, i will have you know i was waiting in line, you on the other hand have appeared from now where'

so the result was a dirty look thrown my way and the butcher not wanting any trouble decides to serve her, so obviously shes putting in her order all the while i am staring at her side profile, after a minute of me staring she decides to turn around to me and says' ladyyyyy why don't you beat me up?'


me: beat you up? ladyyyyy your not worth it

my god the reaction was hilarious, she was completely offended by my words, started huffing an puffing, then looks me up and down and says:

'what do you mean not worth it? I'm worth beating up, why not? who do you think you are?

me: with a smile on my face, how dare you push in front of me and all these other people who where waiting? your attitude and manners are completely disgusting'

with that she took her bag of chicken legs and left the shop...

so again i approached the man and i told him, 'i would like umm ummm diced meat pleat'

man: diced meat?
me: yes....

man: ok, how much?

me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaah what do i ay what do i say, 'ummm a handful'

man: handful?

me: yep (trying to sound confident, aware that many eyes where watching me)

man: a kg of meat

me: yes that sounds great

yipeeeee i made it, i managed to buy meat



lool.....who knew buying meat could be so funny!

Kudos for sticking up for yourself....I expect no less from you though :D

So am I right to assume the iftar was a success?
much luv :)

a_akak said...

u showed here lol

with me i have a way of dealing with these things which is

1 - I ignore them
2 - I am prepared to punch them if the matters escelates and u have to decide even before you say a work :D

or majic option 3 as we are fasting "forgive" but the option expires by the end of ramadan :D

So how was the sharbba?

Fe Aman allah

Safia speaks said...

LOL! Good for her it was ramadan, or maybe this would have been a hospital/prison story ROTFL!

Next time you buy "habrah" - LOL - you should politely ignore any queue-sjumpers and turn your back on them while with a cheery voice ordering your stuff. Ice cold and smiling...:-P

Brave Heart said...

Tell the truth WA, u r traple maker and u were emhashasha that time :-P

white african said...

native the iftar was funky, yeh man it was great alhamdullilah but no one ever told me that cooking more than one dish was so exhausting, i feel i have been tricked lol

akak i lik ethe 3 options u mentioned although in my case number 1 is very difficult to apply, i guess having a loud mouth prevents me from ignoring, ramadan spirit is a nice one that i can deal with.

the sharbah was brilliant, im impressed, not to sound big headed or anything but its difficult to cook without being able to taste the food, so the fact that it wasnt tooo salty or didnt have enough salt is a miracle.

safia love the advice, i will definatly put on the chucky smile next time any one jumps the line :) i should start practicing that smile.

brave looooooooooool, you mad eme laugh out loud, ok ok i admit it, your right :)

hope your having a great time in libya.

Anglo-Libyan said...

at least you managed to make a good iftar after all this excitment :o)

that woman was probably fasting and Ma7ashesha

white african said...

lol anglo she probably was imhasheesha but definatly not fasting.