Tuesday, October 16, 2007

at the moment I'm swimming in post, if i was to tip all the post onto the floor it would reach above my knees.

here in Britain we have been experiencing a postal strike, basically no post because the post man is depressed.

that means that at my work place we haven't had letters delivered to us for the past 2 weeks!!! now considering how we deal with 4 major hospitals in Manchester as well as health centres, as well as private therapy, we really cant afford to have our post delayed even 2 days never mind 2 weeks.

hence the reason why i am swimming in letters.

post man pat is soooo over rated, i think the last time i saw our post man smile was hmmmm never!
ok so i know they have issues and probably the pay is horrendous etc etc etc but i think if it may have disastrous affects on peoples health then exceptions should be made, not impressed in the least.

so annoying....


a_akak said...

lol be careful u dont drown :P

well, i would say "power to the people" as they have to stand for thier rights for more ££££££

good luck with all that post

Fe Aman allah

eternal peace said...

salaam sis

hope your post becomes manageable pretty soon inshaAllah, love your blogs new look!:)


Asoom said...

so the postman doesn't have an understudy? One time a bicycler bicycled over my post man and he became bed ridden for a while, but we had a substitute postman, he looked like santa clause.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Mabrouk the new template :o)

here in London the post strike didnt happen it seems, Allah with you.

NM said...

i like the new template! we had a whole bunch of post come at the same day (rolls eyes)

white african said...

akak i think i did drown lol

power to the people is all good and im for the strike except for the fact that they really should have exceptions, not delivering medical information can be quite fatal.

im not at work today so i guess whoever is handling the post is having a difficult time, may allah be with them.

eternal thanks :)i know for sure that i will have a HUGE pile of coding to do aaaaaah

asoom the problem isint the understudy the problem is that every single postman in manchester was on strike, not just our allocated post man. it reached a point where i contemplated going to the post office and sorting out the post myslef lol

thanks anglo :)

lucky you, i thought it was every where, must be a north thing, hope it doesnt infect the south :)

nm loving your empathy :) glad im not the only dudette under a ton of letters.

NM said...

;) so glad you have been through the process before, its great having someone to compare with.

This tuesday we had our fist skills sessions and boy was it more difficult then i thought it would be.

strangly tiring as well all that undivided attention and emotional empathy