Sunday, October 28, 2007

guess what?

i had a halal subway..
cause for celebration people..
mmm a chicken subway, i have dreamt of such an experience, and the dream became a reality, subway is turning halal, it was so exciting to read the halal sign outside the subway just round the corner from the town hall.

my next one will be turkey breast...

so cool yipeeeeeee


PH said...

That is so cool I hope it extends to other countries as well, some of my friends say its sandwiches are really great :P.

salaam and thanks for bringing it up.

lostkitty said...

mmmmmmmmm halal subway!
Wen r u taking me, my girl?!

I want TURKEY!

And I cant believe post-wedding this is the first thing u blogged about!!!
Shows me where ur priorities lie! lol

Anglo-Libyan said...

that is good news as I do like subway but i have not noticed any halal one in London yet.

hope you are all well and coping.

Lamees said...

R U SERIOUS? All subways??? so like r they gonna stop serving bacon and stuff too?

NM said...

whitey you beat me to it i have been meaning to get up there and grab a meat ball sandwich ( not that am even fond of meat balls)

The options ahhh....were to start

a_akak said...

thats good for you :D and may all you wishes come true

PS: So how are you doing? I hope you and your family are coping with things well and may allah for her and accept her soul in heaven

Fe Aman allah

eternal peace said...

salam sis
mabrook on your good news sis, mashaAllah i've heard of a few nikahs recently and alhamduillah it makes me happy, may Allah SWT unite your hearts in goodness ameen

white african said...

ph the sandwiches are delicious, so yeh i do wish it starts a domino affect :)

lost kiitty i will take you soon soon soon

anglo inshallah london will follow in the halal trend. thank you anglo were fine hamdullilah, its a difficult time, every so often small memories of her keep popping up, good memories.

lamees yeh dudette, i dont know about bacon and stuff though, i doubt it.

meat ball nm? never occured to me, you try it and if you like it let us know

akak thanks bro, where doing good hamdullilah, its amazing how life is really? and how it moves on even though you sometimes want it 2 stand still.

eternal thanks sis :)

Weldemdina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
white african said...

weld wow thank you for that link :)

some one on facebook has started the subway appreciative thread lol.

Weldemdina said...

Opps.. Somehow I clicked the wrong key and I deleted my post lool, that’s shows how I am so novice when it comes to blogging, any how.. here is the link

and by selecting the small box which indicate " Halal stores only" that would give you the nearest store to you, I also heard from a friend of mine that Nando's do Halal food , so that would be my first stop when I visit Manchester next time :o)

white african said...

yes weld nandos do halal and its delicious, there are three in manchester, one is at the trafford centre, another one at the parrswood complex and the third is opposite the BBC of oxford road next to the mmu building.


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