Thursday, December 21, 2006

sometimes we say or do something that we later want to take back regardless of how small or big it is.

in my case this seems to be a repetitive feature in my life, alhamdullilah most of the time its just stupidity on my part and generally the only person who gets embarrassed and wants to bury there face in the ground is me, every one else just laughs at me and not with me :)

I have come to accept this of me but it still does not give me immunity to being horrified at my clumsiness.

yesterday lady k called me on a private number, so I was chatting to her and what not then after like 5 minutes we ended the conversation, 2 seconds later my phone rings again and it was a private number so I'm thinking lady k forgot to tell me something so instead of answering the phone in the usual 'hello' or sallamuallykum' I answered in a really loud and high pitched voice ' BANANA WOMAN' and to my amazment it was a man who was calling and not lady k, he wanted to introduce me to his wife who was a freshy and didnt know any one her age.

let me explain myself, I have this habit where I call people banana's, where it came from? God knows, but its something that has been a part of my life for some time now. I don't swear so instead I call people by fruit and vegetable names like pumpkin for example, also I use it in an affectionate manner as well like with this incidence, calling my close friends banana, apple, grape face etc...

so I was being my usual self when I answered the phone, but its not a side of me that I tend to show to every one especially people I don't know, especially men!!!

the man paused for a few seconds and then all I heard was ummm asslamu allylum, al ukht white African? (translation Salaam, sister white African?) and then I jumped up and down in horror continuously.

I eventually spoke to his wife and if I get to know her better I'm going to ask her what her husband thought when I answered the phone lol.


Brave Heart said...

u told us how u call ur friends ,but u don't tell us what ur friends call u.
i guess ....................,no no tell us better

Anonymous said...

I had those "private number" incidents...once I thought it was my auntie from the US, I just picked up the phone and said hi and asked her about her son and told her I liked what she sent me and bla bla bla,
I noticed that she was puzzled but I kept talking....then when she laughed I knew the sound of that was my friend calling from Canada. .I was like OMG I was so like a habla for talking non-stop.

Yeah I guess the best thing to do is change their first impression of you, by making them realize you don't act like that around everyone.

So good luck on that ;)

Lebeeya said...

lol, its nice to know that he still wanted to introduce u to his wife even after you called him a banana woman :)

I would love to be called a banana or an apple or any kind of fruit.

The Godfather said...


U classic!!!! The guy musta thought u were on drugs!!! One for the books indeed.

white african said...

well brave my freinds call me...................................................................................................................white african ha ha as well as habla

ema glad you feel for me, at least with you it was a friend, with me total stranger.

lebeeyah choose your fruit an di will call you it, what fruit do you prefer? the citris variety or maybe the exotic fruit kind :)

godfather i have no idea what he thought, i so wish i had the ability to read peoples mind, it would so come in handy for me..

Ever The Idealist said...

i love you calling me banana all the time. i would never laught at you hon. i am always laughing WITH you. how could you even think such a thing you kiwi?!?
phone me dudet...i finish at 3 ia

The Godfather said...

Reading peoples minds.....ahhhh yes, that's an old trick of mine I have to use every now and again. It certainly is good to have this ability.

Lebeeya said...

I would like to be called a fagoosa (those large cucumber things), hey it kinda sounds like gatoosa :)


white african said...

godfather assuming some ones thoughts and reading their minds are 2 totally different things :)

lebeeyah that is brilliant, i am so going to strat calling people that, how did that enter your mind looooooooool, your such a fagoosa :)

Anonymous said...

Heyyy prickly pear....I don't laugh at u....I laugh with u. I luv it when u call me banana. Do you knw evryone at home now sometimes calls me banana coz of u. Plus....ur the cute prickly pear :D

By the way....we all make silly mistakes like that.....the best thing is the ability to laugh at keep on laughin WA and I'll be laughin with u and not at u :D

The Godfather said...

Yeah yeah yeah...why u gotta be pedantic for? U know what I meant?!?!

NM said...

Ouch:) another one for the book

white african said...

native thanks and lol at your family for picking up on my lingo :)

your right when you find yourself in such situations its either luagh or go kill yourself, i choose laugh each time :)

godfather what am i thinking now? go one tell us? give up, maaaaaaaan i knew you couldnt read minds..

nm (nods in agreement) a story to tell the grandchildren lol

lostkitty said...


Definately a classic Whitey moment!!!

Keep on going hun - u provideme fun and entertainment! :-D

So r u coming and spending a week with me???

The Godfather said...

Right now your thinking two things:-

1.) The Godfather has truly lost his marbles.

2.) I'M GOING HAJJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady K said...

as it was my fault (supposedly u moose)that you screamed banana woman at that poor man- may his ears recover inshaAllah.i guess i should apologise, but i wont...hey why change a habit of a lifetime esp. one i'm so good at avoiding!
and my name for you is cucumber, altho pumpkin is used as an endearment.

and i'm going to miss you soo much when you leave for Hajj...okay so you have left for hajj and i saw you and my fam off last night at Didsbury msq, and we still had to call this morning to make sure you guys were ok... yeah kinda hard to let go off.i wish i was with you, but this year its not meant to be next year inshaAllah.

Godfather, u lost the few marbles you had a hell of a long time ago. hope ur keeping well, as u looked well rough at the 20 principles talk. hope Fizz wedding went well InshaAllah, Mama and Baba said it was lovely.

take care
Lady K

p.s Ppl, WA will inshaAllah be checking her blog and trying to keep a diary. well she promised to try anyways.........

The Godfather said...

I don't think I ever HAD the plot to be able to lose it.

I looked rough at 20P Course?....and I thought I made an effort to look pleasantly respectful. LOL!!! Yeah, I'm doing OK....thanks for asking....just going through lifes challenges.

Fizz's wedding went well, Alhamdulillah. It was a good gig....Allah bless them.

lostkitty said...

wat do u mean going thru "life's changes" godfather??? I know ur old - but surely still too young to be hitting a midlife crisis!

The Godfather said...

Let's just say I'm closer to 20 than I am 50.

I'm older than most to be going through a mid-life crisis. (Though I know I don't look it, Alhamdulillah)

lostkitty said...

u know if u looked rough, mayb u do look it?!

Lebeeya said...

waynik ya binit???

Brave Heart said...

where r u WA,Did u go to Hajj in another country other than Saudi or r u trying to across the border

Hana Agil said...

Africa's Whitest was one of Allah's chosen few to have got a visa for Hajj (in Saudi)

Brave Heart said...

i'm very happy 4 u WA,i hope u can read this be4 ARFA day,plz pray for me and make a big dau as well

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak and Happy New Year to you and your family whiteafrican.

Highlander said...

banaba ya white African ? :P mashi ! LOL

Happy New Year and Eid Mubarak , inshallah you can go to Hajj next year !

Ever The Idealist said...

Salam hon, you said you would blog from over there. whgats going on? Hjj going ok? cant you find an internet cafe? hope and pray that you and your family and the rest are doing well. I know you are absolutely loving it and dont want to come back but i miss you and i hope you remembered me in your dua. if you read this before you get back call or text or email and make sure the others make dua for me. i got my tickets and i'll be off before you return :(

Newbie! said...

wow, this is officially a chat room, i like it!

feels a bit late to leave a comment regarding this blog, but hey... i will!

Again, like the others, i love being called a banana (but just from you!) and i always laugh with you, well, mostly....... ;-)

Eid mubarak to you and your family! hope all is well over there! miss you!

safe travelling original banana!