Monday, December 18, 2006

Some people have no people skills, the whole communication process and etiqutes of interaction are non-existent in certain people, they seriously need a course in human interaction.

for instance take yesterday for example, after the Islamic course this past weekend (which was brilliant mashallah) some of us decided we would got out for dinner, it had been ages since we had chilled out and enjoyed each others company so around 11 of us headed towards the curry mile (wilmsolow road) went to a particular restaurant, managed to find seating for 11 of us.

now we hadn't been out for a meal with each other for yonks so obviously we where in high spirits, laughing and generally talking and enjoying each others company as any one would in the company of good friends, we where not particularly loud, the volume hadn't increased to maximum as yet.

the waiter came along and announced his presence and asked if any one wanted any starters?
to which I replied yes an onion bhaji please, lady k was sat next to me and burst out laughing thinking I was joking, then realized that I was serious I really wanted an onion bhaji, I hadn't had one is ages so now was the perfect time to order them, the twin laughed and said bhaji onion onion bahaji, and I replied by saying uncle onion (bhaji can also mean aunt) so we where kinda laughing about that when the waiter comes out with 'can you calm down, you have a family sat behind you'

we all just looked at each other, I swear it wasn't like we where hysterical, or even shouting and laughing in loud voices, we where being normal, one of the girls said to him that we where just having a bit of fun to which he replied ' well your not in a playground, your in a restaurant', how rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 100% certain that if we where different customers we would never have been spoken to like that, what really gets to me is the sheer cheek and how arrogant he was.

we just sat there completely shocked looking at each other, he totally spoilt our mood, lady k turns around to me and says 'lets get out of here, we should go some place else'

and I agreed, eventually after a brief consultation with every one else we decided to leave and go to the restaurant across the road, before we left the waiter came and asked what the problem was, we told him we had a problem with his attitude and his approach. He then looks at me and says ' sister sister...', now that really peeved me of when he did that and when I'm peeved of I react so I looked at him and said' don't sister me, Brother...

its all sister this and sister that, where all Muslims etc.. Why cant he admit that he did wrong, why does he have to use our connection to try to shut me up, a simple apology would have been fine, we are humans and we make mistakes and admitting to your mistakes is one way of apologizing.

he ended up loosing customers, it was more of a lesson to him to make him realize that he cant talk to people the way he did, regardless of whether I am his sister or not...


Brave Heart said...

it seems rude people every where,he doesn't have the basic role of customer service ,and what u did was right.were u going to play football much?i can't imagine 11 friends walking together.
plz WA don't post any food pictures in ur blog,i can't resist myself ,i'm always hungry especially when i see Chinese or Indian food.
i'm going to find some thing to eat now.

The Godfather said...

LOL!!!! You shuda slapped him!!!! Which restaurant was it?

Anonymous said...

Read the post this morning and wrote an essay for a response. Unfortunately blogger played me and wouldn't publish....maybe my comment is stuck somewhere in the airwaves and might show itself sometime later......

Anyway...all can I say now is the waiters commment was uncalled for...especially the one about there is family present....and what? we weren't saying anything explicit....

He lost some money that night...12 hungry hijabis willing to part with their thinks the boss wasn't too happy with him :)And in any case...after clocking the was a bit pricey for my humble self that night

That said the meal at the other restaurant and the time we had more than made up for it. A beautiful weekend of increasing our knowledge while at the same time having fun...mashaAllah. I met fantastic idividuals and got to know others a lot better.

As we say in colloquil Swahili "hi weekend ili bambaa sana" (trans')"this weekend was top notch"

I think I might have wrote another essay....

Me thinks we shoud do this again inshaAllah :D

Hana Agil said...

I think it might have been because we had 'I'm a hijabi, please patronise me' tatooed on our foreheads and 'no, go on, PLEASE patronise me some more' on our tee-shirts.


We sure were the cause of that fool getting fired (i hope) at PINK GARLIC, don't eat there. Its crap.

Anonymous said...

I am sure as you said if you were other customers he wouldnt have spoken to you like that, I know exactly what you mean.
I am so glad that you left the restaurant. Name & Shame, he desrves it.

lostkitty said...

Yeah - I agree.... but it warms my heart to know that racism is alove and well in the UK today and it further warms my heart that a "brother" in Islam can even think to talk to his sister that way.
This would never have been tolerated behaviour by the sahabah or any of the khalifas.
And furthermore, the man is a wuss - the minute you called his bluff he started sistering you.... wat a coward!
People are getting rude everywhere - the other day I was standing on the bus chatting to Whitey when I hear this old man saying quite rudley "either get off the fone or outta other people way, decide wat ur gonna do" and then without waiting for a response he shoved past me and quite delibrately punched me on the side of my head!!!
I couldnt believe it - but seeing as he was old man I just shrugged it off and put it to senility.
People think they can treat us hijabis how they want cos we r all meek and submissive.... they r so gonna have to learn different!

white african said...

brave heart some people dont know what customer service is all about. hope you managed to find some food to eat :)

godfather could you imagine if i did lol, it was pink garlic by the way, never go there unless your prepared to sit quitly an dnot breath.

native congrats on eventually posting an essay:D, it really was a bleesing subhnallah over priced restaraunt...

im gonna be practicing the swahili..

hana i think we should invest in a buisness oppertunity of producing clothes range by the name of patronise me, for hijabis lol

yep anglo, when we where leaving the restaraunt 3 girls where entering and i approched them and advised them not to enter, poor things got confused and didnt know what to do.

kitty how rude? how can people get away with punching or using any kind of physical abuse to anyone, verbal is bad enough.

you should have stolen his walking stick :)

Anonymous said...

oh I HATE PINK GARLIC!! I remember me and one of my friends went there in Ramadan and their seats were so hard, you could've got blisters on your bum. the food is really pricy i agree, i mean one chicken drumstick from the chinese menu was £3.50! i swear there must be a fatwa from some sheikh saying its haram to charge stupid prices. i dont know what you think, but i really feel that if you are not muslim they tend to treat you better. it REALLY annoys me because i have seen it with my own eyes. we had one of our isoc events there and the owner just would not listen to anything any of us had to say. i am really annoyed for you lot wallah. im glad you had a good time afterwards though. by the way sister, i got a phone call today from brother saad from didsbury asking if i still wanted to go because there is a small possibility that they can STILL get at least some visas. was is it you and your family who were going to go? its an extra shame if it was because masha'Allah your dad is lovely and it would have been great to be with him there in the same group. dr drah said something wonderful to me, he said 'it was not meant to be but i hope Allah rewards you as though you have completed hajj.'

Anonymous said...

astaghfirullah lost kitty that is bad! Allah reward you for showing patience. you have done the teachings of islam proud by not manifesting your anger back. its true, people think just because you wear the hijaab you have no opinions or hijabis need to carry out a military coup and topple the government to show em your not to be messed wit'!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say this but I have had worse racist treatment from non white people than from white people. some Arabs & Asians have a chip on their shoulder and can be quite racisits but only to other Arabs & Asians, they would never say anything racist to white people.
Even some 3rd world countries have an attitude when it comes to Visas, if you are white British then you do not need Visa but if you are non white British then you must come to the embassy and aplly for visa. some countries treat you differently when you enter, if you are not white then be prepared for bad treatment by the authorities.

white african said...

annon lol you should look into the whole fatwa thing about over pricing food and what not, if only the service was good then maybe you could over look the price but the service was major rubbish.

yep me my dad, mum and bro where meant to go and what the doc said is absoloutly true, my mother said inshallah you get rewards for two hajj the one you intended to go to and the one you will perform next year inshallah.

so true anglo and its a crying shame, they think they can get away with it because of the shared connection, i am glad we walked out hopfully it should have alerted him to his actions.

the visa thing is so annoying, i remember when i was going to Libya i had to pay £60 for a libyan passport but only £2 for a visa on my english passport, its gone up sincwe then but the unfairness of it is in our face.

Lebeeya said...

That guy needs to be slapped.

I am sorry about what happened, I could imagine how I would feel but I am glad you and your friends left the restuarant (I would have done the same). I hope they fired him for loosing customers.

Anonymous said...

Yo WA...nxt time this happens I'll have my other hand wrapped....or maybe I'll be clever and have my peeps pay him a visit....dnt worry godfather I aint steppin on your family legacy...we just gonna be doin thangs dark continent style...loool

Brave Heart said...

R u crazy WA ,how u pay 60 pound for these stupid people ,i think Libyan authorities must pay everyone 600 pound just for encourage them to visit Libya.

Lebeeya said...

As we say in colloquil Swahili "hi weekend ili bambaa sana" (trans')"this weekend was top notch"

native female, I didnt know you could speak swahili, thats so cool. I can speak swahili as well, actually I can only say 1 sentence :p

"wewe inzuri matako"

did I say it right??? :)

Those are the only 3 words I know!

white african said...

god knows lebeeyah what happened to him after we left, it would be worth it to find out, i may just do that, we ended up enjoying ourselves sumplace else alhamdullilah.

Loool native, i will have to be there to witness it.

white african said...

brave heart loool, seriously 60 pounds, its cheaper if you get it done in libya though. and it only last for 2 years here, so you have to keep updating it, i dont know how much it is now though maybe its more cheaper but i doubt it.

lebeeyah mega cool but what does it mean?

waryah native give us som lessons dudette

Anonymous said... made me laugh out loud...what's even cooler is that you can speak swahili

I understood what you said in swahili and that's all that matters. Do you know what you said....
Should I tell u?
Ok....I will...u complimented me on my derriere. You know the way to an african gurl's heart dnt you sis...lool defo will be there...we need witnesses no?
Lessons in swahili? We alreeady doin dat homey!
lol @ waryaa

Lebeeya said...

It means:

"You have a nice butt".


I hope I said it correctly! :)

Anonymous said...

You said it fine Lebeeyah
and i would reply with 'asante sana' (trans)'thank you very much'

'wewe una matoko nzuri' is the proper way if you want to be garmmatically correect

NM said...

how incredibly rude, am suprised you all didn't jump him, who held back lady k :)

Lebeeya said...

Thank you for correcting me. Now I will start complimenting peoples butt's left and right.

Yes, please give us some lesson. I need to learn how to speak. I understand when people talk to me in Swahili but I dont know how to talk back.

If you teach me, I will teach you how to speak Berberi (Jbali). Fair enough? :p

Anonymous said...

Lebeeyah: Oh understand...that's even cooler.
It's a deal then.....u teach me Berberi and I teach you Swahilli.
That sounds fair

white african said...

looooooool we gotta a swahili ting going on.. so how would you say im gonna beat you up, you taught me that day but my memory is pathetic..

nm we all had to contain ourselves, otherwise 11 hijabis attacking a waiter, could you imagine the headlines?

Anonymous said...

WA: 'I will beat you' can be said in 2 ways:
'Nita ku chapa' or
'Nita ku piga'.
Do you think it's something 2 do with the water....our memories being pathetic ya3ni...

lostkitty said...

Lol - 11 hijabis attacking one waiter!!!
I can just picture it in my head- my God, do it just for the fun value.

Headline: "11 hijabis jump on waiter - waiter flattened!"

Teach him a lesson too - us hijabis are armed and dangerous, dont mess with us!

white african said...

native lets blame every thing on the water, there was a rumour a while back that claimed that the governemnt is putting female hormones into the water, can you imagine? when i told my mum she instantly told my brothers to stop drinking tap water loool.

i remember there was a rumour about icecream vans as well that they lace the icecream with drugs to get the kids addicted, i swear for a long time my mum banned us from buying icecream from the icecream man, those where sad days..

kitty love the head line lol

Lady K said...

Salaam Peeps

Right Lets add my 2 pence worth. and let me tell you nemo, that it was a close thing, i nearly cleaned that waiters clock, little sh$t. my version (more violent tendencies comin out plus the pix of the night on my blog y'all know it)

check it out.

Anonymous said...

i went to Pink Garlic once and the waiters were nice to us and very helpful so i guess i should said that in defence of them. But the food is rubbish

white african said...

annon the first time i went to pink garlic the service was pretty good although the food was average, but the second time, the service was really bad, although the guy at the door was friendly.

maybe the day we went the guy who served us was in a fowl mood, who knows????