Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well what can I say...

here I am sat in Madina, the blessed city, typing away, I cant believe it myself, I may just get one of those Saudi woman body guards to pinch me....

so much to say but how to start, eventually it will all come out in some sort of order but right now I seriously am dumbstruck and lost for words (doesn't happen often I know)

subhannallah it really was my time, for a week I was convinced that it was not meant to be but it happened and when I got that call to say that 50 visas where obtained, well what can I say, I jumped at the chance, and brave heart I didn't have to cross the border :)

I really wanted to up date my blog on a regular basis but in Mecca there where no internet cafes for woman sob sob, and I was not staying in a hotel but in apartments so I was internet less, which was ok for the first week or so but then withdrawal symptoms kicked in, first thing I did when I got to the hotel was ask about internet access to which amazingly they have, so here I am typing about internet when I could be typing about hajj experience duuuuuuuuh.

wallahi guys I pray that each and every single one of you get the chance to see the kabbah and pray there for yourself and soon inshallah because its truley awe inspiring and words can describe the sight, already I am missing Mecca.

I prayed for you all and I am now gonna leave the internet for some poor other deprived soul by the name of hayak.

will try to update someother time inshallah.


Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah that you are well, I thought you must have gone to Haj as I kept on checking your blog all the time, I hope your parents & brother got to go as well, I am very pleased for you and I hope that Allah answers all of your prayers, this is very good news to readers of your interesting blog.
InshaAllah you & the family come back safely. well done whiteafrican.

Brave Heart said...

حج مبرور وذنب مغفور انشالله
well u r officially now Haja WA,i hope i'm the first person call u by this name.plz make dua and prayer for me in the profit's mosque.

Anonymous said...

Mabrouk! You don´t know how lucky you are, having seen the kaaba and done the pilgrimage.

Anonymous said...

Yey! mashaAllah u blogged! Glad that the experience was amazing...and ameen to your dua for all of us.

Knw wat? I really missed u prickly pear!
Come back safe inshaAllah

Anonymous said...

Salam sweetheart! its fantastic to see you blog although you have been doing pretty well via text.

I am missing your crazy little self so get yourself back here.

I don't know what to say expect that everytime i think about you guys in hajj i become all teary eyed.

may allah grant us all the opportunity to go together.

love u x x x

The Godfather said...

MashAllah. It's good to see that you're doing well. Allah bless you.

lostkitty said...

OMG! She blogs!!!
EtI and I are sat here and are so glad to know she is fine and that she is now, officially, a Haja!
Insha'allah you made tonns and tonns of duas for us and may they all come true!
Pray for us in the Prophets Mosque as well; we hope you are having the best of times.

I wonder if you come back any different??? (I doubt it!)

Anonymous said...

I missing you and everyone like crazy and i can't wait for you to come back but i want you to enjoy everything as much as possible do i can experiance Hajj vicariously through you when you get back.
Love ya!!!!
Ps. Ameen to all the dua's you made.

Lebeeya said...

Hajj Mabroor inshallah! :) This is great news. Had the feeling that you got a Visa, cuz you were so quiet.I am so happy for you. Did you pray for us?

We missed you a lot! haya tell us about your trip.

Lady_K said...

i deffo missed you the most, i need you and your not here? what kinda best friend are you? just jokin, ... i mean i do need you but im so happy for you that your in hajj but im also desperatly wishing time away so you can come back.

give my love to mama, baba and tippex and of course my kalama and Jude. you call me/text me the minute no the second you can after you land- no excuses about time i dont care!!!!!

miss you,Love you

white african said...

thanks guys for all your comments, im leaving after asr prayer, going of to damscus then its back to sunny manchester inshallah.

its depressing thinking about leaving the madina, people always say the atmosphere is madina is different i never new what they meant until i got here.

time has flown by and i am truly grateful that i was invited to the house of allah this year, inshalah you guys will be next.

Anonymous said...

im so happy for you that you were able to go on hajj! Ameen to every last Dua you made.

Miss you!

have a good time (what you have left) and have a safe journey back to sunny ol manchester.

Newbie xxx

Monday's Child said...

SO happy for you that you were able to go on pilgrimage...Take care and have a safe journey back :)

Brave Heart said...

it's the longest hajj period,i have ever heard about,u went to hajj on 06 and we r in 07 now this mean a year now.come back quickly and post about it.

Anonymous said...

حج مبرور وذنب مغفور ان شاءالله
I honestly haven't heard that you went and got the chance to do 7aj....

mabrouk, i'm very happy for you
تقبل الله منك ان شاء الله

Anonymous said...


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