Wednesday, April 06, 2011


my original home town.

one that i may not be able to visit as it may not exist anymore due to gaddafi forces bombarding it constantly.

its a city that is full of memories for my father, he has always had the wish that he would one day return and bring those memories back to life, but will this be possible, will he even recognise it if he was to return?

the name misrata has gone down in history as a city full of angels, a city full of hero's, a city that stood up to forces that appear much stronger but have yet to break misrata.

the people in misrata are fighting for freedom, for there rights that we here in the west take for granted, and they are rewarded by turkey ignoring there plights (occasionally sending a ship) and NATO turning a blind eye, and others claiming al-qaida exists in Libya!

freedom fighters makes up misrata, backgrounds made up of business men, teachers, doctors, nurses, mechanics, not soldiers, or agents or al-qaida.

how dare the world point the finger at a people who have always been peaceful even to a leader who tormented them for 42 years.

when they decided enough was enough they expected the world to stand by them, the west has always claimed they are pro-democracy and freedom, but when push comes to shove they are no advocate of democracy instead its a case of 'what benefits us more'.

misrata walahi you are not forgotten, we will fight for your plight, we will spread the word, and place pressure on those who have the ability to change your situation, but more than that we will pray for you misrata...


Maya M said...

I think the West is proving that it is standing for democracy. After Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, in a triumph of humanistic principles over bitter experience, the West is in yet another war. And it is already harvesting the hatred of those whom it is helping.

white african said...

i disgaree about iraq may, even americans have said it was about oil, they went in with the worst of intentions, and need i mention abu ghraib prison!

Tunisian hurricane said...

Misrata is forsaken. Misrata, in a deplorable condition, is left entirely. Surly the west is deceitful but arab are coward.
Tunisian people was only able to send medicines and food by ships to Misrata and this is not enough.
Even Misratis than citizen of Zenten, Nalout, Zouara, Zaouia and the east of Libya are heros but alone, they are unable to struggle for a long time. SHAME ON HUMANITY !!!
Tunisians and Libyans are brothers; Together, we must fight against despotism and tyranny.
إلى لقاء عاجــل تحت شمس الحـــريــة

Anonymous said...

May I just add, I could hear the Coalition ''Air Raids'' in Misurata, from my home, and they have all but stopped. It seems Benghazi is of more importance / The East.

Anonymous said...

Salam Sis,

I have been following your blog for a while now. Libya is my ''Adopted Home''. We chose to leave on Monday, as my family back here in Ireland were begging me to come back...I would of stayed. I arrived back in Ireland with my husband Alhomdolelah on Thursday.....we were nearly not allowed out. We live in ZLITEN, with my Husbands family, but also have our own home in Misurata,town centre. It was only by the grace of ALLh we were not there when all this started. We have family still there though and have not heard from them in a month.The city is totally closed off.
For anyone trying to call Libya, the only phone network working is Al Libyana, and even then you have to persist to get a line.Be careful please as all the international calls are been tapped, and people are being picked up.

People ARE been turned away from the border , especially Oil Workers. They need a vacation letter fromn their company, for border control to even consider letting them leave.

I am NOT a supporter of either side. I wnat a free libya, but a peaceful one too. I want to go home, and rebuild my life ther. En sha Allah sis your parents will return home soon. I love Libya, so I can only imagine the heartbreak it is for ''True''Libyans. I feel immense sorrow at the moment and that will take time, and maybe other things to heal

Thank You for this blog sis, I will now read all the posts from the last few months I missed.
Ma saloma
Khedegah M

white african said...

thank you tunisian, may allah grant tunis total freedom soon and remove the corrupt people inshallah ;)

anon, i agree it does seem that more efforts (actually all efforts) are in the east, and i belive there is something behind this, every time the libyans point this out the, nato strike a few bases in misrata as though to shut every one up. please keep safe, you are in our prayers.

sr khadeja, i'm happy to hear that you are safe alhamdullillah, and i pray that although you have not heard from family in misrata that they are well inshallah, we havent managed to speak to family in trablis and misrata in over a month and our family in benghazi we hardly are able to contact, but i have a saying 'no news inshallah is good news' ;).

i belive that freedom for libya will be soon inshallah, anything is better than this dictator, and the libyans know this and hence why omar al-mukhtars quote is being shouted everywhere in libya we shall not surrender, we win or die.

its really hard to hear about all the deaths, and its heart wrenching for us never mind those who have lost loved ones, but the strength there family have is amazing, and those who have lost loved ones are telling libyans to carry on the fight so that there martyers will not have died in vain.

inshallah you will be back in libya soon, being a part of the re-building of a better libya.

Khedegah said...

Salam White African,


Is your family with The ''AlMadar network'' ? Perhaps that is why you can not call....... We are able to call our family in Zliten with on the Al Libyana Network. Byt I know credit there is so hard to get. En sha Allah they will make contact soon.

I too have family in just shows the world that there are NO ''Tribal''lines at play is NORMAL LiBYAN people.

En Sha Allah the fighting will cease, and we will not need to lose anymore Brothers and Sisters to this plight.

Ma Saloma

white african said...

wassalam khadejah, managed to speak to some family memebers in benghazi last night alhamdullilah they are well.

to be honest family in tripoli we are purpously not contacting them as it can be dangerous for them, my father is very active against the gaddafi regime and so we fear we may put them in danger by ringing them, especially with the lines being hacked and what not, inshallah khair.

where hoping that family in misrata are well, we will try the new connection and may get through some how.

i cant wait until this is all over ;(