Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i am so proud of the Libyan men, they have proven to the world that they are indeed lions of the dessert, the men of benghazi, bayda, derna, tobrok, breyga, ras lanuf, ajdabeeya, the men of zawia, zintan and misrata.

standing in only there sandals and in many cases, there fists in front of tanks, missiles, RPG's and the latest in weapons, so that Libya will be free is courageous and this courage has not been seen in a long time.

Gaddafi had literally made Libya invisible from the world but these men who are backed by glorious women have made Libya re-appear and it will never disappear, the true colours of Libya where shadowed and erased by gaddafi and his son's but since the 17th February, Libya's colours have grown brighter and brighter and the shadow that is gaddafi is quickly disappearing.

the soul of Libya is emerging once again, it hasn't been easy, thousands have died in order to cleanse Libya and there deaths have not gone in vain, the mothers of these martyrs can hold there heads up high for there sons are hero's.

long live Libya and may victory come very soon to the Libyans, my people....


Anglo-Libyan said...

inshaAllah soon we will be free

Carternbqa said...

inshaAllah soon we will be free