Saturday, April 09, 2011

with the events happening inside of Libya, my heart pounds a thousand times a minute with every emerging news concerning Libya, i sleep the news and i wake the news and everything in between is the news.

I'm constantly on facebook, twitter, google, aljazeera both arabic and english, and any other news outlet.

one minute we are celebrating news that the freedom fighters have taken this place, have destroyed gaddafi forces, etc... the next minute we are biting our nails when news emerges that gaddafi forces have surrounded this place, have killed this many freedom fighters etc...

with all this tension and stress one cant help but feel dismay and sadness, yet when you call people inside of Libya, you hear a totally different story, there spirits are high, they are full of hope and faith and by the end of the call you feel convinced that freedom is round the corner.

i have such admiration for these people whom i have come to call my hero's, for they are making history and they are changing regimes and they are the true libyans.

every time we make contact with libyans, our batteries are charged once again....


Tunisian hurricane said...

Like you, I sleep the news and I wake the news. Today, before reading this note, I was very sad; Indeed, Kadhafi forces attain Jdabya.

Sometimes, I may switch channels to Libyan TVs and I feel Lamentably shocked by the idiocy and the stupidity of Y. Chakir, Hamza Touhamy and Hala Misrati (Skal, as her right name) pffffff !

afreetah said...

Salam aleykum!
I have been reading your blog for a while now and like it a lot!

Like you, I have been glued to the tv screen and computer monitor since the middle of February.

I have started writing my own blog in Russian language about what's going on in Libya. I have quoted your words about Misrata in one of my last posts there, I hope you don't mind.

Inshallah Q's end is near!

white african said...

tunisian alhamdullilah they have re-taken ajdabeyah and inshalah it stay that way.

oh dont get me started on libyan state tv, it makes my blood boil, and those 2 ladies hala and wedyan if only i could get my hands on them.

recent thing libyan tv said was that a chicken laid green eggs in support of gaddafi!!!

afreetah wallykum assalam ;)

wow you speak russian, that was teh first thing that came to my mind lol, great that you have started a blog, i belive its one way to inform people of whats happening, and russia needs to top up its information.

coursei dont mind u using anything from this blog ;)

inshallah victory soon ya rab ;)

afreetah said...

thx and nice meeting you:))

yeah...the 'green egg' stuff was hilarious...i didn't even know whether to laugh or cry when I heard him saying that in that video.....:)))))))

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