Tuesday, March 22, 2011

yesterday was mothers day in the Arab world, and in Manchester we gathered together as women and children to stand in solidarity and remembrance of the martyrs and there mothers.


HistoryLynx said...

Thanks for these moving photos. Is Mother's Day in the Arab World always on March 21st or does it change from year to year (e.g. always on 3rd Thursday of March)? When Mother's Day comes around in the US in May, I want to include a link to your post in a piece on my blog HistoryLynx. I've also written a couple of posts there on Libya. I like the name of your blog--agree, that Libya is an African country too.

I am pleased to see that you are blogging again. We do appreciate it. As a mother/grandmother I know that you are very busy.

white african said...

hi history, hope yur doing well, thanks for commenting ;)

yep mothers day is always on the 21st of march in teh arab world, obviously this year it was seen in a totally different light.

your more than welcome to use the pictures ;)

will defo check your link.