Saturday, January 02, 2010

i crashed into the neighbours car, not because of the snow or ice, but because of hot scalding coffee!!!!

basically i was on my way to a course early this morning, i was really surprised to see the world white again as when i had gone to sleep the pavement outside was the usual grey, i didn't have time to drink coffee at home so i prepared it and took it down with me, i put it somewhere safe near the passenger side (or so i thought), obviously had to clear the car windows of snow and heat the car, so i sat and waited for a good 5 min, then when there was enough seeing space on the window for me to drive i put the car in 1st gear and started to drive, the coffee mug wobbled, it got steady changed its mind and decided to fall, i stupidly let go of the steering wheel and decided to try and catch the mug forgetting that i would burn myself.

it doesn't end on a high note (or maybe it does, does screaming qualify as a high note?) i did burn my hand, i screamed, said something that i shouldn't have said, momentarily forgot i was in the car and when i remembered it was to late i crashed into a parked car duuuuuuuuuh.

hamdullilah i wasn't driving fast but i may have dented the guys car slightly i feel awful, and i don't even know where he lives, so i wrote him a loooooooooooooooong note explaining the situation and putting my details on the note, as of yet i have not heard from him/her.

i have soooo totally learnt my lesson, i wont be drinking coffee while driving ever ever ever again..


Nasimlibya said...

معقولة القهوة الحلوة الناعمة تدير هكي
:) طبعا اني ضد شرب القهوة بالسيارة رغم انها حلوة
اولا اكيد حتتبزع
اولا ياستي الحمد لله على سلامتك واهو درس عملى ومتشوفى شر ويجعل الله ايامك خير

سنة سعيدة

MusicLover said...

Too many events recently, one incident at the mosque and now coffee mug spill, get burned and hit a car I don't understand how come you don't use a travel mug. Drink coffee in car but make sure you get a travel mug. You remind me of this film

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lebeeya said...

Alhamdulilah 3ala salamtik girl. If you bought that cup of coffee from Mcdonalds, you could have sued them :P

Weldemdina said...

alhamdulelah 3ala salamtik, that must be a nasty burn and you are lucky that you are not driving along a main road otherwise it would be a fatal one la sama7 allah, eating and drinking inside the car while driving is done by every driver, even though its illegal as using a mobile, however the police dont take notice of it, for some reason or another, anyway , happy new year and may allah make it for you as safe and blessful year .

white african said...

thanks all for you kind comments, i swear i have learnt my lesson, it turned out to be a lady that owned the car, she seems nice and i guess she appreciated the fact that i left her my contact details.

anyway ive been walking every where since the incident, plus work has decided to shut for the next few days whoooooo