Wednesday, December 23, 2009

why is it that some people have to ruin your mood by saying something that is un-necessary and could have been a thought left in her mind rather than blurting it out aaaaaaaaaaaaagh.

i went to give my condolences today to family friends as the grandmother had passed away in Libya.

i walked into the hall (it was in the mosque) and saw about 25 ladies and obviously they have to give you the up and down look, and then you have to do the rounds (saying sallam to all) and every thing was running smoothly, nobody said anything negative to me, nobody put me down apart from the one comment about my pink socks, but that was ok as she had no taste ;) until i approached the last lady she just couldn't control herself, she had to say something horrible to me and i don't get it.....

why cant people keep the opinion to themselves, now if i had asked her for her opinion then that would have been another matter, but noooooooooooooo she had to force her opinion of me on to me, frankly I'm getting sick and tired of it so i kinda said to her 'fara7tee tawa?' (are you happy now?') to which she smiled and said cheekily ' yes i am' well i just wanted to pore the Arabic coffee all over her but being in a mosque that wouldn't have been appropriate plus the many Libyan eyes where watching and my mum would have been so shocked, so i walked away...

she spoilt my mood..

why cant people just read the quran, and do dhikir in these funerals rather than talk talk talk...


Anonymous said...
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khadijateri said...

My condolences to you.

Consider yourself lucky... as a foreigner in Libya I have to listen to all kinds of crap. I have gotten so sick of it that I rarely attend any kind of in-law event. I didnt go to my sister-in-law's son's wedding and numerous other family weddings and occasions. I rarely even go to funerals anymore. sigh... I feel for you dear!

Anonymous said...

Crazy talk

white african said...

khadija glad to know its not all in my head lol:)

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