Friday, January 22, 2010

although i have lived in Britain all my life that does not mean that we have forgotten our Libyan culture, many Libyans from back home are surprised to see how Libyans in Britain are very 'Libyan' and they are even more surprised when they attend a Libyan wedding here in Britain because some go all out with the decor, favours, music, traditions etc...

this week i have been attending a Libyan wedding over 4 days, the henna, the wedding, the saba7eeyah (morning after) etc... and the mother of the bride has really worked her socks of to make sure that the wedding is as Libyan as you can get.
i have taken a few pics of the decor as i cant post any photos of the people, enjoy....
henna shoes, pink !!!!!!

i actually wore these as well in my henna lol.

henna sweet box, given with the Arab coffee, you open it up and it is full of all sorts of sweets, sooo coooooooool.
leaving the henna we where given these little pots full of nuts and topping it with a ferrero niiiice :)
table napkins for the wedding
one of the wedding favours, full of nuts...
weddng favour number 2, this one had a bakalawa in it.
the third favour was hanging of a basket..
and this is what it looks like, a ferrero flower and the leaves had little almond sweets hiding in them :)
the wedding cake
the love birds ontop of the cake aaaaaaaaaaaw :)
a milky drink roosata made with almonds and a biscuity thing called abambar, given to us at the party the day after the wedding.
another case of sweets to have with the arabic coffee
and the nuts with the tea :)

the bride got dressed 3 times ending with a libyan outfit, very nice mashallah.

and there you have it, so the older i grow the more of my culture i love :)


khadijateri said...

Wow! They went all out!

What did they serve to eat besides sweets and nuts? Did they do it the old fashioned way? or was it the new way where everyone gets a plate with all kinds of stuff on it (usually cold by the time you are served)?

I like the way they did things in the past. Weddings were more homey and family then and the food was usually warmer.

Looks like fun though.

Anonymous said...

nice post.... its nice that there is still libyan people saving their culture.. I wish if there were many people from other countries in that libyan widding..

Anonymous said...

Well, it is too much and too showy. If people wants to follow the prophet or claim to be as most Libyans do, they should not be doing all this. It is waste of money and time. They should have donated the money to the poor and there are tons of them in Libya.

I'm amazed how shallow Libyans had become. How ignorant and mean! They know that there are many poor Libyans and family who live on bread soaked in milk, yes there are inside Libya, and they seem not to bother!

But what makes me more angry is that these people pretend to be good Muslims. Their women are covered, they go to the mosque and do all the rituals but when it comes to helping others, Sadaqa, which is in my point of view is more important that the Hijab, the 5 prayers and all the other rituals, they do not bother.

I really can not stand those sanctimonious Libyans.
Keep the tradition, ha! What hypocrites!

white african said...

khadija well in the henna they served the plate full of different stuff like you mentioned, the wedding was at a restraunt so the food served was their food and the next day was couscous with 3asban and different salads.

i agree with you i prefer very small weddings focusing on family rather than on how much thing they can hand out.

annon1 hamullilah there where many people from different countries in the wedding, the great thing about britain is that you be-friend so many people from different back grounds, my own wedding was a totoal mix of ethnicities it was great :)

annon2, you have a point but the way you express yourself can make people not want to hear you, plus you do seem to judge people alot, i would like to remind you that allah is our judge and you dont know what people do secretly for allah, maybe these people who like to have big flashy weddings also donate all the time to great causes, to call them hypocrites is verging onto dangerous areas for yourself as we all know that as muslims we should not be quick to judge and we have been advised by our prophet to express ourselves in a kind and approprite manner, i hope this does not offend you.

may said...

السلام عليكم

تدوينة اعجبتنى وبشدة

ما شاء الله لا قوة الا بالله

احتفاظنا بثراتنا شى جميل ويزداد حلاوة مذاقها فى الغربة

لاحظت الدقة فى اصغر التفاصيل وابرهرنى تنسيق الرائع للالوان

هى حاجة وحدة يا ريت شفنا صورة للوليمة ...بس ان شاء الله ما وصتوش عليها الزرقانية او الكريكشية !!!

مبروك للعروسين


Weldemdina said...

All is a waste of money and a big show to honest, and by the way in Libya they cant afford that type of weddings any more, some go for one of two days max. Anyway ‘ mabrook 3lyhom’ and I hope they dont start their new life together by working hard to pay for the wedding cost , nicely taken pics :o) .

Libyan-AME said...

شكرا لهذه التدوينة الجميلة والطريفة

التراث جزأ من شخصية الفرد، والحفاظ على التراث حفاظ على الهوية وثقة في النفس

شكرا لك

Anonymous said...

salam..insya allah soon im gona marry a libyan guy. im from malaysia and he's now staying in dubai..what i would like to know if u could help me, what are the wedding procedure in libya to make the wedding valid?any form to sign and complete?? i wish u could help.thank u.

white african said...

annon email me on and i will explain it all to you :)

Chris Bailey said...

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