Monday, February 23, 2009

this weekend i had the pleasure of visiting Lake Windermere in the beautiful Lake district.

i so needed a breather and this was the perfect way to get it :)

obviously i had to take my essential cup of the good old stuff, coffee mmmmmmmmmmm.
as well as a 2 flasks, one full of Arabic coffee the other full of green tea, i used to make fun of my mum who would always bring flasks and bags full of sandwiches and treats, now i find myself following her steps lol.
morning coffee at the hotel
a church near the hotel
many of the houses/cottages still have the house names.
church graveyard

boats lined up..
seagulls all lined up
scenery pictures:
the british flag flapping in the wind

good old fish and chips, cant beat it :))))
it was a fantastic trip, my only wish was that it lasted longer :)

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Darin Boville said...

Hey there,

I can see from my logs that your White Flower link is broken...check out my blog and you can have it again!