Sunday, March 01, 2009

this weekend i was in Bradford with a couple of friends it was a day out plus in the evening we where attending an event by the name of 'i am Malcolm X', it's a tour of different artists who are inspired by Malcolm X and who portray there messages in different styles, singing, poems, rap etc...Malcolm X's daughter was meant to be part of the tour but sadly she wasn't able to make it for Bradford as she was un-well, but still it was a fantastic night, and some of the artists are very talented indeed, particularly the poets.

just goes to show that Muslims have talent and that Islamiclly speaking there is nothing wrong in expressing yourself so long as it's not crude, vulgar or offending other cultures, religions etc..

they had a projector on stage that was showing different pictures of Malcolm X through out his life.
very entertaining and a fantastic opportunity to watch first hand the growing Muslim talent.

the same day in the afternoon, we went to dine in the famous restaurant 'mumtaz' that i had heard so much of, and i have to say it was very nice indeed.

this was a fantastic mango lassi
my started was grilled cheese, i swear it was lovely...
a friend of mine had chosen keema parata, I'm not generally a fan of mince meat, but this stuff was delicious...
i ordered a mixture of grilled chicken, cooked in tomatoes, onion, garlic etc with pistachios and other nuts, really nice mashallah.
nice meal, didn't have time to sample the deserts but inshallah will be visiting the place soon for sure :))))


ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Sounded like a lovely day and a wonderful experience.

I don't know what keema parata is but it looked goood.

Habibiti there is ALWAYS time for dessert----you eat it first! LOL

lostkitty said...

it was a nice day wasnt it??? :-D alhamdulillah - especially because of u know what!!!!