Wednesday, February 18, 2009

apparently my dad and brothers (according to the Libyan community in Manchester) are selling Canaries!!!!

well i was surprised as i hadnt seen head, tail or feather (excuse the pun) of a Canary when i go to my parents house.
unless the cat got to it first.

my mum answers the door the other day to a man who was clearly Libyan from his accent.

man: Assalamu allykum

Mum: Waalykum assalam

Man: Ukhti, abu whiteafrican mawjood? (is your husband in)

Mum: La ya akhi (nope)

Man: bahee, Hamza ga3id? (ok, is hamza home?)

Mum: La ya akhi (nope) aya khidma (can i help)

Man: walahi fee nas galoolee in il haj ow wilda ibee300 fe Canary (well to be honest, some people informed me that your husband and son sell canaries)

Mum: afwan? (excuse me)

Man: 3indik canary?

Mum: (holding in a laugh) La ya akhi (nope)

Man: lakin galoolee il haj ibee3 feehum (but they told me that your husband sells canaries)

Mum: in nas ghaltaneenen ya khooy (the people are mistaken)

man: bahee bahee, lakin law sami3tee in had ibee3 fil canary yaretik itbalgheenee (ok ok, but if you hear of some one who sells canaries, let me know)

and that was that...

how weird..

years and years ago we had a pet budgie but we where never in the business of selling birds!!


a_akak said...

lol ... So are canaries out of stock or something :P and if so when you getting the next delivery

Hope U and Mr W.A. are in best of health and doing well :D ... Its always refreashing to check on ur blog

Fe Aman Allah

Nasimlibya said...

قول الحق

عندكم كناري


cofman said...

Asm3ee ya bint, wallahi you are a great story teller .. Super super story teller, I mean it ya bint!
I loved it, and enjoyed every bit ( I love your accent lol ), but hey?
Why bother translating into english????????
Leave them alone!
If they want to know how lucky we are with our language, they should bloody learn it LOLOL !

Asm3ee ya Bint, wallahi I am sooo serious;
Next time ( I hope the next post! ) you write a libyan story with the same accent … PLEASE do it for me, Please!!!, make sure the story is long and long and long, wallahi I mean it

Please WAF ( I am your best friend ), Please make it long LONG LONG …..
And let me know when you do by alerting me on my crap page

Listen, I am asking you to do me a favour, will you please do it?????

And then you can ask what you want from me … and see if I am a man worthy of your effort!!

( I haven’t heard a libyan accent for YEARRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!!!! )

thanks ya Bint!!

( oh by the way, feeh kanaree 3endkom??? LOLOL )

I just love it!!

lostkitty said...

loooooooooooooool!! i can just imagine baba and mama selling canaries (in secret of course!)as a side business! lol

Anonymous said...

why didnt you translate (ya akhi), and (ya okhti)?

white african said...

akak lol, i swear the canary thing is hilarious.

its always a pleasure having you visit my blog :)

nasim looool, im starting to doubt myself, maybe we do :)

cofman your so funny, i will think of a story for you and type it up :)

tahnia i know, under-cover canary buisness, such a panorama title.

anon, i was not translating word for word, it was so the reader could get an idea ;)

Lady_K said...

as a non- arabic reader i appreciate the translation....i dont need to learn Arabic bro, WA has learnt Bengali!
i think U shud do a blog with all the words u learnt hun...but maybe we'd have to censor it eh? lol

Lady_K said...

oh and u had a chicken remember? Shams was crazy wanting to visit urs for that chicken.....maybe ppl got confused!