Monday, October 20, 2008

what with the whole economy going down the drain all over the western world, i was slightly surprised to find a shop giving away its products for free!!

yep you heard or read correctly, free!!!

i swear i thought it was the funniest thing since ages so i decided to take a pic:
the owner stuck little yellow post it notes with the words free written on them, i wonder how long before all the bags where taken.


a_akak said...

Nothing in life is free ... it might be a publicity thing to attract people to the store :) see we Libyans always see the worse side to the situation lol

What are in the bags? no wonder they are free :P

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

lol... looks like each bag has about 10 rolls of different colour/design wall paper! no wonder they are free :o)

Weldemdina said...

Before you know it, the council officer arrive with a fine to the owner for littering the street, now..its not free any more :o) .

khadijateri said...

If it was me I would have packed them up and brought them to the local elementary school. Stuff like that is perfect for kids in art class and to use when making posters and other projects... makes great bulletin boards too... too bad I missed it!

white african said...

akak publicity stunt, i dont thinks it was the stuff was not worthy of advertising lol.

they where random bits of wall paper.

anglo exactly lol

weld that didnt even occur to me lol

khadija that is a fantastic idea and if i ever see something like that agin i will take a couple to the local school :)