Tuesday, October 14, 2008

well life moves on and before you know it another few weeks have passed, each day i tell myself i need my blog entry, but in all honesty i either have no time or i seriously have nothing to blog about.

the highlight of the day is me coming home from work and the relaxing part of drinking cammomile tea before sleeping, mmmmm cammomile tea mmmmmm.

nothing particular to write about, although it did occur to me whilst cleaning the chicken (not a live chicken, but bits of the chicken) that i absolutely hate cleaning chicken, i prefer cleaning red meat, seriously before you decide to skip this blog entry, think about the last time you washed chicken, skinless that is, it has a horrible slimy residue and eeeeeeeeeeeeeew, i would rather have it prepared cooked and given to me.

also i cant stand chopping parsley and the other grass thing (kosbar and ma3danoos) the little green leaves get every where, and later when I'm cleaning the kitchen its not enough just brushing the floor, i have to get down on my knees and literally peel of those evil green leaves that manage to get permanently stuck on every surface imaginable.

ok enough ranting, the kitchen per say is not exactly my favourite place :)

i also hate peeling potatoes and garlic, my fingers are always wet when i want to peel garlic so that its skin is permanently stuck to my fingers.


Anonymous said...

Hi white Af
And congratulations!
I read somewhere that you got married – alf mabrook ya 7anna! lol

Red Head said...

Since you're cooking the chicken I think Mr White African should clean it ;)

Share the work load =P

lostkitty said...

lol - i can so relate to ur experiences in the kitchen.
Altho (and u know I luv u, dont u?!) ur a messy cook! there i'v sed it! lol

Anonymous said...

AA, LOL, I know just what u mean! If u really hate peeling n grating garlic, as do I, u shud buy this fantastic garlic crusher by a company called Zyliss, u don't even need2 peel the garlic, just chop off the hard bit at the end, plonk the whole thing in and out comes crushed garlic, the peel stays in the contraption, u just pull it out n get rid of it. Its my fave kitchen gadget that I've had4 7yrs, & I'm always grateful2 the friend who bought it4 me. U shud b able2 buy it fm any gd kitchen shop. I wish there was something2 sort the ginger out as well, but no luck so far :( xXx

white african said...

hey cof, thank you lol, :)

red head i think the day that happens i will be in my late 70s lol.

lost what!!! messy cook, oh the shock!!1 how could you, lol its ok banana i know how terrible i am in the kitchen, i use like a thousand utensils lol

anon fantastic i will defo be checking this gadget on my next shopping trip, thank youuuuu :)