Friday, October 03, 2008

im working again but the down side is the waking up sooooooo early, well to me its early, i dont usually wake up for 6:30 am unless its to wake up for prayers but then i would have the option of going back to sleep, not anymore, i have to catch the 07:15 bus to get into work to be their for 8am.

i so need to get my driving licence...

its not so bad once i get into work and have my cup of coffee, its just the initial waking up process at times its painful to my eyes, i have the 'i cant wake up till after 9am syndrome'.


a_akak said...

Welcome back to reality lol, wake up wake up wake up ... i hate waking up for work but I wake up at 7:30 and i agree, once you have your coffee you are ok

Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Well done Akak

lostkitty said...

now u know how i felt last yr - its awful isnt it!!
i used to comfort myself by telling myself that for that 1 - 1 1/2 hr i was sitting in the bus i was travelling so any dua i made wud be accepted!

white african said...

akak i dont like reality if it means waking up so early lol.

ive just had my first coffee of the day and im just about looking human :)

lost so true about the whole dua thing, thanks for the tip banana

Lady_WildKat said...

hahaahahahahaa, shabames, ha! am so glad ur feelin the same pain i did...hey misery loves company, im misery and ur company, lol- yes i am laughing at my own jokes! hehehehe

listen i did 5.30 am wakeups for about 4 years, and loads of commuting and travelling. i had to wait till 8am (even tho i start at abt 7.30) to get the first shot of caffiene,so dont be complaining sister u got it good at 6.30- thats a lie in!

and soraya said give it a rest,banana brains, she got up at 5.45am to get 2 buses to work everyday for 3 years to get to work to start at 7.15am for 14.5hr shift with 20 min break- flaming NHS!

Altho' u need to learn to drive, its only going to get stricter and more expensive.

white african said...

wild where is the sympathy? i'm simply not used to waking up that early, but in comparision to you and dizzy im thankful :)

i dont drive sniff sniff sniff

but ive got my first lesson this sat yipeeeeeeeeeee

Lady_WildKat said...

eh? sympathy wats that? im from the school of tough love, suck it up on get on with it, have no time for cry babies, altho how we ended up bein best mates i'll never fathom,ur one of the cry-babiest ppl i know lol! no.2 to my cousin who crys over flamin nora everything. but i still love u banana woman...for my sins! ;o) lol