Monday, November 19, 2007

London makes me laugh so much, it really has the weirdest combination of people and they all seem to be based in the underground. i swear London city is one of those places where people watching could be turned into a sport.
i really doubt a person can be bored sitting at a window of a cafe watching the weirdness that is humanity walk by lol, i love it :)
i was in London this weekend and sure enough weirdness seemed to follow me. before even reaching London me and my friend ended up sitting next to a man who was desperate to know whether we spoke Urdu? he wasn't Asian, he was an English man who was learning to speak Urdu as he is intending on flying to Pakistan some time in the future to attend his friends wedding, cool, we replied that unfortunately we didn't speak Urdu although i new a few words and i could count to 4 but i doubt that means that i had grasped the language.

we said we spoke Arabic instead, later he asked what 'Arabian' food was like, i seriously get annoyed with that phrase 'Arabian' what is that? when i was at collage i had a couple of friends who asked me whether i was 'Arabian' and whether i listened to 'Arabian' music, once a guy asked me if i ever visited 'Arabian' lol, yeh all the time mate!!

anyway the guy was pretty funky, a practicing Buddhist who asked us 1001 questions about Islam, we tried answering to the best of our abilities.

when he found out i was Libyan, he told me that his mother had recently come back from visiting Libya and said she had the best time of her life ever!!! well I'm glad she did thank god.

i found out from this dude where you can get ostrich meat, in borough market in London, ostrich burgers, i so need to try them out, I'm being serious I'm craving ostrich meat, a huuuuuuge chicken...
so we get to London eventually, euston station and our friend meets us and off we go to the underground, 3 hijabis sitting next to each other, it must have been a sight cause the dude sat in front of us looked at us and then said 'so what are you, the 3 Grace's?' looooooool to which i laughed at, my friend nodded and then we continue dto chat about the state of Palestine.

couple of seconds later the guy then decided to lean forward and asks:
'do you ladies travel by flying carpet, have you ever travelled on a flying carpet?'


we just stared at him and then my friend pointed at her rucksack and said:
'actually yes, come to think of it i have one in my ruck sack'

to which he rubbed his hand with glee, and announced to the rest of the train, 'these girls travel on flying carpet, they zoooooom around there room on a flying carpet'

laughs hysterically and walks of the train, 2 seconds later a man dressed up as Elvis walks in with a guitar and starts singing 'i said a one for the money, 2 for.....

looooool i love London...


lostkitty said...

u and ur weirdos!


This is what I love about London, the random wierdness! Makes the day a lot more interesting!

I miss London!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

English with their dry sense of humor.

Arabs travel with their magic carpets and the English travel with their magic brooms like Harry Potter.At least we travel in style .Thats the answer I would give him.


lostkitty said...
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lostkitty said...

why fly at all?! When u can click ur fingers and be wherever u want to be in a second! Thats the way of any intelligent Muslim - teleportation!

Monday's Child said...

ohhhhh you made me laugh and laugh....

to be honest London always freaks me out a little because of that same weirdness... it's funny... people probably feel the same way about me he he hehehe...

white african said...

kitty the same applies to you lol

native dont go thinking about moving back, we will hunt you down

music i love the english sense of humour, its so sarcastic, i gues sonly the brits can get it though lol,

could you imagine if you can get a combination of magic carpet with a broom stick lol

teleportation huh kitty? what if it went wrong and only half your body was teleported lol that would be a sight

monday i guess people think that about me as well lol, join the club :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

thats why i love London and could not replace it with any other place :o)

you can get all sorts of meat in London, including crocodile and other weird animals.

Nice post

white african said...

anglo i admire the fact that you can live in london :)

such a busy city, i love to visit but living there wow that takes guts said...

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