Monday, November 26, 2007

ever been annoyed but you really cant pin point exactly why it is your annoyed?
I'm having that feeling at this moment in time, I'm mega peeved off but when i think about it i don't really know why aaaah frustrating and its making me even more annoyed.
its kinda funny really, but right now I'm not laughing i just want to rip a pillow in half and stuff the feathers down some ones throat.

actually typing that has helped slightly, hmmmm there really is more to blogging....

breath in breath out......


Weldemdina said... do you feel now? its 2hrs since you posted it. best cure in this is to go for a walk ( I know the weather doesnt help) or if you have a spare cheap plates..start smashing would do you good :o)

Anonymous said...

Michael Bublé - Feeling Good


Walk, take your mp3 player, listen to music and then sit in a cafe, look at crowd and have a smile on your face.

eternal peace said...

salaams sis its quite a coincidence i think, but i was feeling like that yesterday aswell! though i had a few reasons i knew why i was angry/down coz of pressures at work but my feelings blew out of porportion and i ended up feeling fed up in the evening, i just coudn't communicate my feelings, like none understood yet i didn't understand it quite myself
maybe it was monday blues...Allahu Alam the advice about cafes and walks sounds good!

lostkitty said...

i know exactly how u feel

MaySoon said...

emmm ok.. yah.. how you feeling today? I guess I got the feeling just reading ur post..:oS I am trying to breathe with you :Oo

maiuna said...

i know how u'r feel, sometimes i get the same feeling,too.

walking can help, sometimes eating a big bar of chocolate do a great improve, but the best thing that works with me is taking a hot shower, try it out.

Hibo said...

What is Happend? , if u feel some how bad
try to hang out with your friends.
enjoy ur times,do crazy things..that make you never forget..

that is what i am doing..when i feel somehow bad or sad..

wish you the best.

Brave Heart said...

Sallam WA
check this and u'll be ok

if it doesn't work , i have the dark room with firuz songs prescription

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
First my apologies for not commenting on your other post----unfortunately I was relying on the Lybanbloggerator and for some reason sometimes updated post don't so. Loved the train situation in London---sounded like one of the many major cities in the States---people are fascinating...loved the singing Elvis--that cracked me up.

I'd prefer the magic carpet as well---boom seems to witchy for me.

I KNOW EXACTLY how you feel when you posted this post. Like a growling grizzly but not sure exactly why. Knowing you, though, I'm sure you're up to something good and feeling better, inshallah.

white african said...

wow people thank you soooooo much im feel tons better just for reading your posts :)))))

weld amazingly enough a couple of hours later i was laughing soooo hard i had tears running down my face, and the walk helpe dloads, through the park niceeeee.

music i love listening to michael buble, thanks for th elink, mp3 players are a life saver :) oh and a coffee really helps 2.

eternal i think it was the monday blues lol, feel loads better today, thanks hun.

lost i hear you hearing me :)

maysoon lol, thanks sis, im still breathing..

maiuna hmmmm hot shower, i will try that, choc with coffee sounds great as well, thanks :)

hibo thank you, your right spending time with people who know how to have a great time and take your troubles away is really good medicine.

brave thank you :))))) it helped,

wasslaam ibee, thanks :) yep i kinda went for a long walk, took loads of photos and calmed myself down, there was no need to rip open a pillow :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

inshaAllah all is well today :o)

white african said...

thanks anglo loads better :)

Silverrow said...

So I'm not alone in this! :P
Hope you've got over it by now! :)