Friday, November 09, 2007

i hate rush hour, between the hour of 8-9am and 5:30-6:30pm, its a killer. its not that i even use public transport, i walk to work, what really annoys me, what really peeves me off, is having to cross the road.

picture it in your mind, i walk out my house at 8:10am, everything is cool until i get to the first busy road, every day its a chore trying to get across, i can easily stand there for 20 minutes trying to find an opportunity to cross the road, and as the seconds go by I'm getting more and more annoyed, so that by the time i finally get an opportunity to cross my face is handing out evil looks to every single driver that i pass.

i hate it when the drivers are driving past me knowing that I'm struggling to cross the road and not a single driver gives me the opportunity, they just continue to drive by me, its times like these that i think to myself if i ever become a driver then i will make sure that i will let people cross the road, i will give them the way because i white african have been there, done that and over worn the t-shirt.

it doesn't even take time for me to cross the road, I'm fast, blink of an eye lid, yet 99% of drivers will not give me the right of way, i always say to my friends 'god created human legs before the wheel'.

so in conclusion to this rant on Friday morning, please with a cherry on the top let me cross the road, i will pray for you if you do :))))))))))))))))))))))))))


lostkitty said...

awwww - but u know u r too cautious when u cross sometimes. I know wat ur like!
Sometimes u just gotta cross - and if the driver doesnt want a dent in his car, high insurance and lots of paper work then he will brake :-D thats my philosophy anyways!

Anglo-Libyan said...

after reading this and as a driver, i will make sure i let you and anyone else cross the road if i happen to be there :o)

seriously, its a good point and many drivers are too selfish to even let a mother with a pushchair cross the road.


Poor us pedestrians!

Brave Heart said...

no need to go to ur job stay clam and relax in your bed :-P this better for u and for the drivers ;)

Weldemdina said...

Whatever happened to pelican /zebra crossing? Don’t tell me you live next to a motorway? Drivers in nature are selfish they won’t give way to fellow driver let a lone a pedestrian and forget about cyclists, they have their own rules lool.. just becareful when you do cross, peace.

white african said...

kitty i cant do that on this particular road, its a mean road evil evil evil.

anglo aaaaaaaw thats nice of you, if only all drivers thought like you :0), true about the pushchair bit, they must really suffer.

native poor poor us indeed :)

brave if only, most mornings thats exactly what i want to do.

weld zebra crossing? nope not on this road, its not a motor way but it leads to one so its pretty busy.

today surprisingly was brilliant, i didnt have to wait at all, maybe some one out there read my blog :)