Monday, July 09, 2007

its 11:15 pm Bangladesh time, I'm sat in the lobby of a hotel in an area called Chittagong (i have no idea how to spell it).

i last blogged about how extremely tired i was after what seemed like an eternity of travelling, what i forgot to mention was my first experience of Bangladesh on the streets, so picture this, I'm sat at the back of the mini bus, literally stuck to the window, wanting to absorb every sight my eye saw, constantly gasping in delight of the many wonders of things, when right ahead was a whole traffic of cars which is nothing abnormal really, but what was causing the traffic was an older naked lady standing smack in the middle of the road preventing cars from passing loool.

the funny thing was the tour guide and the driver where acting like nothing was happening, i on the other hand had my hand stuffed in my mouth trying not to laugh, and even then couldn't help myself splutter and gasp all the while my friend pinching me due to the fact she was embarrassed.

i can safely say that it is not an every day occurrence to see that sort of thing in Bangladesh, my friend pointed out that the only reason this happened was because i was travelling with them and wherever i seem to be, then weird things tend to happen!!!

well what could i say :)

what a welcome, that night there was certainly a full moon in Bangladesh looool.


Ever The Idealist said...

salam lovely. good to know your weirdness and uniqueness has followed you to Bangladesh. missing you terribly ion manchester. cant wait for you to be back here telling me all the stories. my salams to the twins and Jude. hope everything is going well for you. make dua for me love xxxx

Nona said...


The Godfather said...

Trust you to be cracking jokes like that!!!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
LOL@full moon in Bangladesh. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your ventures.

Brave Heart said...

WA: did anyone ask u about me there, my slam to shikha hmida (PM of Bangladish)

a_akak said...

good to hear for you and keep us updated and we expect pictures when you get back :)

Take Care & Fe aman Allah

Safia speaks said...

Well, don´t put us in suspense! Tell us what the naked lady in the middle of the road was doing.
Thank you!


You and your weirdness...that's why I luv u WA!

loool @ full moon :D

Anonymous said...

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Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

Well I think that is a great story! I can justimagine you with your hand stuffed in your mouth!!

lostkitty said...

only u! (shakes head)

Nice to know its all normal in ur world - hope ur having fun. We'r all missing u here!

Anonymous said...

hheyyyy there dear
well i have to say, im not surprised that as soon as you step a foot in a place, dodgy things tend to happen, actaully im waiting for you to get back so we can hear a load of mischief that you got upto.

well dear looking forward to seein you soon, make sure you keep taking loads of pics, take care, safe trip da end
lots of love

Weldemdina said...

lool@full moon .. glad you having great time and inchalah you return safely to hear more about your adventure, documented with photos .

white african said...

thanks guys, im back now, absoloutly shattered but had a great time, i will blog soon inshallah.