Friday, March 02, 2007

i need to have a break from hajj diary so that i can let this out of my system.

i am so not impressed with 3 phone company at this moment in time, they are liars i tell you, liars.....

basically i fell for one of their traps, my friend who works for 3 was making fun of me after i told her.

they called me and told me that I'm due for my up grade which i was surprised about because i still have 2 months to go, so i mentioned it to the man on the phone to which he replied 'that's correct, but we have a new policy where up-grades have been brought forward 2 months before the contract ends rather than the original one month'.

so i was like that sounds good, so i asked whether i would receive the same deal which was 750 minutes any time any network with 250 text message for a price of £20 a month for a whole year, unfortunately that deal was not available, but there was a similar one for 600 minutes and 450 text messages with one of the latest phones, i asked for the latest nokia n range but he told me they don't have any in stock and kept telling me that the new LG chocolate was the hottest thing to hit the market.

I'm, more of a nokia person as I'm more familiar with the settings and just used to it i suppose, so i chose a nokia phone, but before confirming i checked with the man 3 times, i asked him this is an upgrade to my existing contract, and he would reply yes of course.

3 times i tell you, not once, twice but threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee times, well they took my card details which i thought was strange because usually with upgrades they don't ask for credit details.

he then said that when receiving the phone i must call them to activate the number and if i want to keep my existing number then i must quote blah blah blah which again i thought was weird as upgrades mean having the same details including number, so when i raised this with him, he threw the whole 'new policy' thing at me, so i accepted his word.

couple of days later i get the new phone in the post, i was really looking forward to having a good functioning phone because my existing phone is mentally dysfunctional and has a mentality of its own.

so i open the box and low and behold there is a new sim with the phone, strange hmmmm

so i call the company and a man answers the phone, asked him to double check with me whether the phone i have just received is an upgrade of my existing contract or a totally new contract, to which he tells me ' ms blah blah its actually a new contract along side your existing contract, so you have 2 contracts with us' to which i screamed, walahi no lie i screamed...

i was so annoyed and angry with them for tricking me, the guy on the other line kept saying 'its not my fault, its not my fault' but i didn't want to hear that i wanted results, what was he going to do about it?

he told me that i would have to return the whole thing back to the address on the package at the back and that will automatically cancel the contract.

well that's what i did and it cost me £5.70 to return it, annoying, my friend told me that its 3rd party callers who know that a persons upgrade is due soon so they use language that makes you think that your getting an upgrade when in fact your getting a whole new contract, these people should be soaked in lemon for 10 years.

i feel so small at this moment in time.......


The Godfather said...

Hmmmm, don't worry about it WA....I get calls all the time by third party people....I was once about to make a deal with them, but decided to wait and asked them to call me back. I then got in contact with Orange directly for some explanation and they said they are third party people, who are not catually the real deal.

Now, when they call I tell em to go fishin!!!! Whenever I want an upgrade I just call Orange directly myself....which reminds me; I am due an upgrade now!!!

AngloLibyan said...

dont be hard on yourself whiteafrican, most phone companies are liars and full of nonsesnse. 3 has to be one of the worst.

NM said...

Why are you feeling small sweetie? they tried to con you, thats shame on them not on your.

Write a complaint to there complaints department and they will conpensate you with some free minutes or some other incentive to stay with them!

clearly its not just for the compensation because you need justic the little twit probably got an incetive for the supposed sale!!

Brave Heart said...

do u believe that i have 5 contracts in my name with 3.2 for me and 3 for my friends.
they always phone me about new deals and i'm always telling them i'm going back home next week if u need to give me a free phone i'll be happy.
3 now give 10 months free when u upgrade with them directly.

white african said...

yes weel godfather i can honestly say i have learnt my lesson, i am now going to write up the 1001 things to say to phone companies to keep them away.

anglo thanks :)

i may just write up a complaint nm, they need to be taught a lesson, freakazoids.

by th eway we are missing you loads sis.

brave 5 contracts ?? wow, i hope your friends are paying you in time.

next time i get a call im going to speak in a very strong accent and tell them the story of my life and bore them.

Anonymous said...

contracts are a no no

pay as you go all the way:)

amena said...

awww..habibti.. my friend went through a similar thing so i kinda know what you're going through...the poor girl got so confused she ended up cancelling all her contracts and started all over again! Oh, and a word of advice, this is for everyone, LG chocolate, big no no! Yes it might luk nice but a few people I know who have had that phone have experienced problems and it stopped working!! Including the one they recieved from the company after their first one messed up! Hope u find the fone u want! xx

piccolina said...

OFFFF that pissed me off , GOD i thought things like these never happen outside libya , but guess what ??? we r still students in them !!
sorry for that sweetie !

white african said...

annon i love the idea of pay as you go but i would be topping up every second as i al always having to contact some one, so contract is better suited for me but it bugs.

amena i can understand why your friend started all over again, they really know how to confuse us.

thanks for the tip on lg phone, i will definatly remember that inshallah.

piccilina hope you had a fantastic trip and welcome back :)i guess its not just in libya where we get messed about with phones :D